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BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner


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BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner - 2

BLUE PORTABLE ULTRASOUND SCANNER A premium class mobile ultrasound machine for quick, precise and comprehensive health diagnosis in horses. Intuitive menu, crystal clear touch screen and user friendly interface create a great tool for high quality imaging both in clinic and field environment. BLUE FEATURES • Responsive and crystal clear touchscreen for high quality imaging. Facilitates differentiation of examined structures beyond reproductive tract (lungs, udder, liver, etc.). • Short boot-up time and active fields for faster set up. Tall stand • User friendly interface for better...

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BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner - 3

FEATURES OF BLUE 12” LED LCD touch screen. Weighs only 4 kg. Internal battery lasting 2.5 hours of continuous work and the option of external power supply. Sensitive color Doppler for easy foetus heartbeat detection.

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BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner - 4

Musculoskeletal system Tendon stand TECHNOLOGIES OF THE FUTURE: for linear probes allows a wider field of view, Pregnancy (Doppler image) grayscale curve perfectly matched to the perception of the human eye, contrast, sharpness and enhancement system.

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BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner - 5

Linear abdominal Fast to assembly and disassembly. Made from lightweight and easy to clean material. scanning depth: 40 - 100 mm footprint: 40 mm Convex abdominal Enables connecting Dramiński BLUE ultrasound scanner with Internet. scanning depth: 60 - 300 mm footprint: 50 mm Convex abdominal Enable examination of tendons with the use of a linear probe. scanning depth: 60 - 350 mm footprint: 60 mm Linear rectal Facilitates work in strong lighting. scanning depth: 40 - 150 mm footprint: 60 mm

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BLUE veterinary ultrasound scanner - 6

DRAMIŃSKI S.A. Wiktora Steffena 21, Sząbruk, 11-036 Gietrzwałd, Poland +48 89 675 26 00

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