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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog


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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 1

New & Refurbished Medical Equipment Anesthesia Machines Patient Monitoring Surgical Lighting Surgical Tables Stretchers Electrosurgical Units Defibrillators/AEDs Respiratory Ventilators and much more LED Lighting • Page 14 Order Now! Toll-free 1-800-499-7086

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 2

Introducing DRE's DRE Maxx Luxx LED Surgery Lights Outfit your operating room quickly and economically, with peace of mind that your investment will last. Centrally source all the the O.R. equipment you need with Turn-Key Equipment Solutions from DRE. You can trust our expert sales representatives to provide all the new and refurbished medical equipment you need for the lowest possible price. PAGE Electrosurgical Generator DRE FX-300+ Xenon Light Source System Operating within your budget for more than 30 years CALL TODAY FOR A QUOTE! 1-800-499-7086 DRE Integra SL Anesthesia...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 3

Physio-Control Lifepak 20 Defibrillator and Monitor DRE Waveline Pro O.R. Monitor available with EtCO2 and 5-agent analysis DRE Versailles P100 Mobile Surgery Table Anesthesia Patient Monitors Central Monitoring Exam Rooms EKG Machines Surgery Lights Chairs & Tables Surgery Tables Mobile Surgery Tables Stretchers Infant Care Fetal & Maternal Monitors Ultrasound Laparoscopy Video Laryngoscopes Microscopes Defibrillators & AEDs Electrosurgical Units Ventilators Syringe Pumps Infusion Pumps Aspirators Warmers Autoclaves Hospital Beds Stainless Steel Medical Gas Supplies and Accessories Service...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 4

Anesthesia Workstations  Patient monitor sold separately Electronic flow display with digital and traditional flowmeters. Fully integrated absorber ventilator with 7 ventilation modes. Illuminated work space, large capacity drawer units and top shelf with secure GCX mounting system for patient monitors. Fully compliant to ISO 80601-2-13 and RoHS standards. Intuitive design in a compact footprint. Web ID 2350 FIND IT FAST at when you search by Web ID number Patient monitor  sold separately DRE Integra SL3 Selectatec-compatible backbar can fit up to three vaporizers....

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 5

DRE Integra SP VSO2 Shown with optional absorber Light weight and mobile, with a space saving design. Three gases (O2, N2O and air). Two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Mechanical Anti-Hypoxic Device and Air/N2O interlock. Selectatec®-compatible vaporizer mounting system. Compact system is great for office-based anesthesia. Web ID 40 Fits wall cut-outs, saving space in your O.R. Available with a hard-shell carrying case, making the system easier to transport. Available with a durable mobile cart. New and Recalibrated Vaporizers Penlon Sigma Delta (new) delivers accurate concentrations under...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 6

Anesthesia Workstations Dräger Fabius GS Premium High-contrast color monitor with Drager user interface for easy and familiar operation. All major ventilation modes. New, highly maneuverable trolley with central brake. LED workplace illumination, spacious design, and large drawers. Advanced ventilation technology with reliable and proven breathing system components. Web ID 2248 Electronic Gas-Flow Measurement promotes low flow Anesthesia Datex-Ohmeda Avance Compact anesthesia system features advanced anesthesia delivery and premium anesthesia patient monitoring. Clinical information...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 7

Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Aespire Enhanced integration for Datex-Ohmeda monitors. Lightweight and compact for seamless maneuvering. Optional integrated auxiliary O2 flowmeter and suction control. Available with the advanced 7900 SmartVent — includes sophisticated ventilation capabilities, helping you meet the needs of neonates, trauma, compromised and routine patients. Modern economical anesthesia. Web ID 1818 Dräger Narkomed GS Built-in monitor and alarm for volume, pressure, and O2 data. Includes a fresh gas system, cylinder yokes, back-up battery and O2 flush. Additional features: Two or three...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 8

Patient Monitors DRE Waveline Touch Bright , easy to use, touch screen display with up to 8 adjustable waveforms. Optional capnography and anesthesia gas. Wireless and central station compatible. USB and network access to software and data. Multi-lead ECG monitoring with optional EtCO2. Web ID 1979 Parameters: ECG, Pulse Oximetry, Noninvasive Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Temperature, Respiration. Optional: EtCO2 , Dual Invasive Blood Pressures, Anesthesia Gas, 5-agent Analysis, and FiO2 . Vibrant 12.1” user-friendly touchscreen for seamless operation DRE Waveline EZ Graphical and tabular...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 9

DRE Waveline Pro Large (15”), touchscreen with high-resolution flat panel display. Anesthetic agent bench (option) is built into the monitor Optional Integrated Drager Anesthesia Gas Bench expands measurement capabilities. Wireless and central station compatible. USB and network access to software and data. Displays as many as eight waveforms. Touch Screen O.R. monitor available with EtCO2, anesthesia gas and 5-agent analysis. Web ID 1821 Parameters: 3-lead or 5-lead ECG with arrhythmia detection, Noninvasive Blood Pressure, motion tolerant SpO2, Temperature, and Respiration rate. Optional:...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 10

Patient Monitors DRE Echo Series Cost-effective vital signs monitor. 5.7” high resolution display clearly presents vital sign information. Optional thermometer for obtaining temperature in approximately 15 seconds. Available with your choice of Pulse Oximetry, Noninvasive Blood Pressure and Covidien Quick Temp. Wireless Capable. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients Ultra-lightweight and portable with a 10-hour battery. Web ID 2148 Affordable vital signs monitor that is both flexible and easy to use. Easy-to-use features and an intuitive menu structure. NIBP, SpO2,...

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DRE 2015-2016 Catalog - 11

Central Monitoring Monitor up to 16 patients throughout your facility from a single location with the DRE Envoy TS Telemetry System. Web ID 1235 Waveline Touch The Envoy TS integrates with ECG transmitters and DRE patient monitors The Envoy TS is economical and configurable, and features telemetry transmitters for wireless cardiac ECG monitoring. No other system provides the high level of flexibility offered by the DRE Envoy TS. Monitor Each channel is independent, allowing the Patients from use of stationary, wireless transport and Pre-op Through ECG telemetry transmitters on a single...

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