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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG


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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 1

2017-2018 CATALOGNew & Refurbished Medical Equipment Anesthesia Machines • Patient Monitoring Surgical Lighting • Surgical Tables • Stretchers Electrosurgical Units • Defibrillators/AEDs • Respiratory Ventilators and much more Online

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 2

Introducing DRE's Surgery Lights Outfit your operating room quickly and economically, with peace of mind that your investment will last. Centrally source all the the O.R. equipment you need with Turn-Key Equipment Solutions from DRE. You can trust our expert sales representatives to provide all the new and refurbished medical equipment you need for the lowest possible price. O.R. Monitor available with EtCO2 and 5-agent analysis Physio-Control Lifepak 20 Defibrillator and Monitor Anesthesia System Stryker Laparoscopy Tower Visualization and Documentation System PAGE Blanket and Fluid...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 3

Anesthesia Workstations < Patient monitor sold separately Intuitive design in a compact footprint. Web ID 2350 4 DRE Integra SL3 Selectatec-compatible backbar can fit up to three vaporizers. Electronic flow display and conventional flowmeter options. Fully integrated absorber and ventilator. Elospital Information System (HIS) capabilities when using electronic flow display or VFDBullet. Expertly designed, clinician-focused machine for high traffic operating rooms. Web ID 2403 DRE Integra SL Electronic flow display with digital and traditional flowmeters. Fully integrated absorber ventilator...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 4

Anesthesia Workstations Dräger Apollo Datex-Ohmeda Aisys E-Vent plus servo controlled high-speed piston ventilator provides performance previously only seen in the ICU. Ventilation, vaporization and gas delivery are electronically controlled and monitored. Designed to support the user in low and minimal flow settings. Simple, straightforward start-up reduces the burden on the staff and provides complete information on device status Easy-to-use anesthesia system with user-friendly ergonomics. Web ID 2120 Open-Platform Architecture can easily integrate into overall workflow Data capabilities...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 5

Patient Monitors Bright , easy to use, touchscreen display with up to 8 adjustable waveforms. Large (15”), touchscreen with high-resolution flat panel display. Optional capnography and anesthesia gas. Optional Integrated Dräger Anesthesia Gas Bench expands measurement capabilities. Wireless and central station compatible. USB and network access to software and data. Wireless and central station compatible. USB and network access to software and data. Multi-lead ECG monitoring with optional EtCO2. Displays as many as eight waveforms. Touch Screen O.R. monitor available with EtCO2, anesthesia...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 6

Patient Monitors Cost-effective vital signs monitor. 5.7” high resolution display clearly presents vital sign information. Optional thermometer for obtaining temperature in approximately 15 seconds. Available with your choice of Pulse Oximetry, Noninvasive Blood Pressure and Covidien Quick Temp. Wireless Capable. Ultra-lightweight and portable with a 10-hour battery. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients Monitor up to 16 patients throughout your facility from a single location with the DRE Envoy TS Telemetry System. ProCare 400 Easy-to-use features and an intuitive menu...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 7

Exam Rooms 12.1” color touchscreen. Real-time waveform freezing. Available with optional cart Automatic measurement and interpretation tested with CSE database. Alphanumeric keyboard and one-touch operation. 200 ECGs in internal memory. Review 120 seconds of ECG waveform. Optional stress testing can support treadmills and bicycles ONE FURNISHED ROOM • ONE AFFORDABLE PRICE • ONE GREAT DEAL Preview report for both real-time EKG printing and file storage. 15” color touchscreen (fast and easy). Practice Exam Room Package Four great products, packaged at one affordable price. Furnish an entire...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 8

Maximum output rated at 140,000 Lux. Surgery Lights Produces unsurpasses illumination with economical energy consumption Rated for 50,000 hours of LED life. Expertly engineered design makes it easy to position and adjust light heads for any surgical procedure. LCD touch screen operation measures illumination intensity, color temperature and Chromogenic index. Available as a single or dual head ceiling mount Bright, consistent illumination. 50,000-hour rated LED life. 100,000 lux output at 1 meter. 4,300° Kelvin color temperature. 5-stage dimming and on/off switch on the patented...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 9

Surgery Lights DRE Vista LED Maximum output rated at 50,000 lux. 4,300° K bright white illumination. Life rating of 50,000 hours. 2-stage dimming. Compact head design with smooth arm articulation. Provides low, economical energy consumption DRE FX-300+ Xenon 100% brightness at startup. No lag or warm up needed. 1,000-hour expected xenon lamp life is one of the industry best. The rotating turret accepts cables made by ACMI, Wolf, Storz, Olympus and more. Web ID 2128 High performance 300-watt xenon light source with optional video system. Offers brilliant illumination at an affordable price....

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 10

Chairs & Tables Sleek Chair with a Small Footprint Multiple color options available Power procedure chair naturally adapts to almost every physician, patient, procedure and environment. A universal power procedures table with fullyelectric multifunctionality. Includes four actuators and standard foot pedal control. The electronic control box and the actuators are versatile and easy to service. Featuring an automatic reset switch that returns the table to its starting position. Comfortable for both the operator and patient: the Milano E20 is wider than traditional procedure chairs and lowers...

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DRE 2017-2018 CATALOG - 11

Surgery Tables Steris 4085 Memory padding is waterproof and antistatic Multi-purpose positioning capabilities. Longitudinal slide up to 13.78” for easy C-arm access. Table weight load capacity rated at 550 lbs. Four-section tabletop contours to virtually every patient posture. Removable leg section provides unrestricted perineal access. Adjustable height from 28” to 40” for good access to the operative field. Powered, radiolucent kidney elevator for lateral procedures. Table movements include: Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, leg and back plate adjustment and lateral tilt. Compensates...

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