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DRE Bonair Anesthesia Ventilator


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DRE Bonair Anesthesia Ventilator Integrated patient alarms patient safety • Electronic time-cycled ventilator • Adjustable inspiratory time, expiratory time and flow rate • Adjustable low and high pressure alarms are provided • Can be placed on any flat surface or mounted on a dovetail bracket for use on the side of an anesthesia machine Technical Specifications Accessories • Adult Bellows Assembly • Pediatric Bellows Assembly • Bellows Drive Hose • Patient Circuit - Drive Hose • Pressure Sensing Hose 2.5 m M/F Connector • Anesthesia Machine Dovetail Bracket • Patient Circuit Presure Monitor ���������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������ Adjustable Low Pressure Alarm 0-30 cm H20 Adjustable High Pressure Alarm 10-70 cm H20 Mute Button With 15 second delay and LED Patient Audible and Visual Alarms For disconnect/low airway pressure, high airway pressure, high continuous pressure and sub-ambient pressure Additional Ventilator Alarms For mains failure, low battery and low drive gas pressure Inspiratory Time 0.25-3.0 seconds Expiratory Time 0.5-6.0 seconds Flow Rate 0.1-1.0 liters per second Adjustable Pressure Relief 20-80 cm H20 I:E Ratio Derived from inspiratory and expiratory time, minimum 1:1 ratio Tidal Volume 25 ml-1600 ml Adult

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