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DRE Echo VSM - 1

DRE Echo VSM Patient Monitor Versatile and intuitive vital signs monitor that can be configured to measure any combination of non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, and rapid temperature The DRE Echo VSM simplifies clinician use by incorporating a touchscreen with a simple user interface. The Echo is ideal for bedside measurement in low-acuity post-anesthetic care, sleep studies, and patient transport, and is applicable in many other care areas. The Echo can be configured as a basic continuous pulse oximeter or a blood pressure pulse oximeter combo. Weighing less than 3 lbs, the portable Echo is well suited for any patient care area. Wall mounts and mobile mounting solutions are available. A long-life lithium ion battery is standard. Features: • All patient data can be transmitted through Echo’s many network options. • Portable monitor weighs in at 3 pounds. • 72-hour data trending. • Rapid temperature measurement module calculates within seconds. • 5-inch color TFT display with a touchscreen interface. • Simplified patient information entry. • Wall mount and mobile mounting solutions available. 1800 Williamson Ct. • Louisville, Kentucky 40223 USA 800-477-2006 • 502-244-4444 • FAX: 502-244-0

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DRE Echo VSM - 2

Patient Monitor Specifications: Rapid Temperature Display: 5.0 inch (Diagonal) color TFT Resolution: 800 × 3(RGB) × 480 Trace: 2 waveforms Waveforms: PLETH, ETCO2 Trend time: From 1 to 72 hours Indicator: Alarm Indicator Power indicator Pulse beep and alarm sound Temperature Measurement Range: 30°C to 43°C (86°F to 109°F) Typical Measurement Times Oral (Quick Mode):3-5 seconds (non-fever temps), 8-10 seconds (fever temps): (after insertion into measurement site): Oral (Standard Mode): 6-10 seconds Axillary Mode: 8-12 seconds Rectal Mode: 10-14 seconds Direct Mode (All Sites): 60-120 seconds...

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