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DRE Envoy TS Telemetry System Monitor patients throughout your facility from a single location The economical, configurable DRE Envoy TS includes telemetry transmitters for wireless cardiac ECG monitoring. No other system provides the high level of flexibility offered by the DRE Envoy TS. Each channel is independent, allowing the use of stationary, wireless transport and ECG telemetry transmitters on a single system. The operating system is powered by Windows XP and provides a highly versatile platform. It also supports network interfaces and laser printers. Keep watch of up to 16 patients at once using waterproof ECG transmitters and DRE multi-parameter monitors! A Quick Look »» Supports up to 16 DRE-brand patient monitors or portable transmitters Portable Transmitters »» Using a networked system, you can email discharge reports in PDF format »» Independent lead wires »» Auto charting »» Full disclosure (96 hours) »» Auto generation of alarm events »» Manual recording—ECG analysis »» Single/multi-lead ECG »» Waterproof »» Operates on two AAA batteries »» Small and lightweight »» Frequency: Medical 608 MHZ »» Schedule the printing of reports »» Trends, charts and strips with arrhythmia »» Detection of ECG data »» Color waveforms (20 colors) 1800 Williamson Ct. • Louisville, Kentucky 40223 USA 800-477-2006 • 502-244-4444 • FAX: 502-244-0369 The Envoy TS includes: Envoy TS CPU • Mirrored Hard Drive Back-up • Receiver Station • LCD Color Monitor • Laser Printer • Up to 16 transmitters

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DRE Envoy TS Telemetry System Keep watch of up to 16 patients at once using waterproof ECG transmitters and DRE multi-parameter monitors! Portable ECG Transmitter Flexible, durable DRE Envoy TS telemetry transmitters feature user-selectable lead wire configurations and provide an extended battery life. DRE Waveline Monitors The DRE Envoy TS can seamlessly integrate with DRE Waveline multi-parameter monitors. This can help increase your productivity and improve care for your patients. DRE Waveline monitors are available with multilead ECG, SpO2, noninvasive blood pressure, respiration and...

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