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DRE Vision T3 LED Surgery Light


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DRE Vision T3 LED Surgery Light - 1

DRE Vision T3 LED Surgery Light Energy efficient technology, ergonomic design Mobility and Function LED technology gives high performance lighting for the procedure area. The Vision T3’s intricate design and robust materials also allow for a broad range of movement and easy positioning of the fixture. Even Illumination of the Area The unique optic of the Vision T3 ensures an optimum light field. The illuminated area meets the highest technical lighting requirements for treatment lights. The reflectionshadow- and glare-free lighting generates an ideal field of vision specific to close work. Color Rendering The Vision T3 offers the optimum in color rendering with Ra > 95 and R9 > 90. This allows for clear recognition of any issues involved within the tissue. Illumination / Light Intensity Regulation Easy operation: One control switches the light on/off and dims with five light levels, providing the practitioner with the quick, convenient control necessary when many different procedures are being done during the course of the day. Glare Free The light beam is focused and thus glarefree, whatever the angle of sight. This avoids all bothersome reflections on the surface. • Continuously dimmable from 100%- 10% • 55,000 lux/39.5in (1m) • Illuminated area 6.5in (160mm) • CRI > 95 • Glare-free • Shadow and reflection-free Maintenance-Free Green Technology LED technology allows for long periods of maintenance-free usage. The Vision T3 offers a long lamp life of 30,000 hours, which means no service for bulb replacement necessary for the life of the fixture. Notable energy savings are also gained by using the Vision T3’s LED technology: high illumination using only 30 watts of power. If lower light levels are necessary, power consumption will be even less. 1800 Williamson Ct. • Louisville, Kentucky 40223 USA 800-477-2006 • 502-244-4444 • FAX: 502-244-0

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DRE Vision T3 LED Surgery Light Equipment for the way you operate Specifications: Lamping Luminous power Luminated field Color temperatures Operating device Power supply Luminaire body Weight Power consumption Balance of articulated joints Protection class IEC standards met Mounting options 1 x led lamp 55,000 lux/39.5 in (1 m) 0 6.5 in (16 cm) approx. 4500k electronic converter Direct power supply polycarbonate & acrylonitrile butadiene styrene Copolymer (pc &abs) pprox. 29 lbs (ceiling mount), approx. 20.0 kg (floor) approx. 30w spring (weight compensation) I en 60601-1, en...

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