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Refurbished - Hewlett Packard Codemaster XL Defibrillator


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Hewlett Packard Codemaster XL+® Certified Refurbished ► A Quick Look • High performance defibrillator • Cardioscope and recorder • Available with a noninvasive pacemaker • Rapid charge • Light weight • True Easy 1-2-3 Operation • Built-in pediatric paddles • Adjustable heart rate alarms • High capacity battery • Patient contact indicator • Includes all patient cables, a new battery and operator's manual The Codemaster XL+ combines a DC defibrillator/ cardioscope, an annotated recorder and hands-off defibrillation capabilities into a single, high-performance unit. It operates on AC power or internal battery supply. It is also available with a noninvasive pacemaker. Designed for high-use areas of the hospital, the high-speed Codemaster XL+ is perfect for operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac care units & emergency departments. It charges from zero to 360 joules in under five seconds and offers a variety of advanced options so you can easily customize it to meet your facility's needs. Order the patient-ready Codemaster XL+ from DRE and receive a one year defective parts warranty. iflOQ WNtiamsnn Ct.* Louisville, Ken lucky 4022 3 USA 500-477-2006 * 5Q2-2-1-1-4441 ■ FAX; 502-244-0369

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