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Refurbished - Ohmeda 5250 CO2 Monitor


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Ohmeda 5250 monitor features optional SaO2 or 3/5 agent analysis. Data is displayed numerically or graphically (with a waveform). Audible and visual alarms are standard. Its electroluminescent touch screen display can be remote mounted up to approximately 6ft from the main unit for added convenience making the 5250 RGM ideal for respiratory monitoring in a wide range of cases. FEATURES • Utilizes new electroluminescent display and infrared touch-screen control technology. • One compact panel integrates data display, control, alarm and message management system. • Display panel lifts off the monitor for convenience. • Available in two configurations: A: CO2/SpO2 and agent B: CO2 and 5-agent with ID DIMENSIONS & SIZE Main chassis Size: Weight: Display Size: Weight: SPECIFICATIONS Measure Parameter Displayed Parameter EtCO2 FiCO2 Waveform Insp/Exp Mean N2O Insp/Exp FiO2 Circuit O2 Inspired Waveform Tidal Vol Minute Vol SpO2 N2O O2 O2 Circuit Agent Airway Flow SpO2 Pulse Respiration Airway Pressure Pleth Rate Rate Apnea Waveform Peak Ohmeda RGM 5250 Monitor CO2 Monitor

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