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Delivery set Glasses Glasses case Dedicated lens cleaner Replacement nose pad Adjustment screwdriver I Specifications I Product Information Lead glass lens: Lead equivalent 0.88 mmPb (±0.088 mmPb) Painted lead lens frame*: Lead equivalent 0.365 mmPb (±0.125 mmPb) Long temple: beta-titanium ultralight/superelastic* Air cushion nose pad: silicone (Optional) Vision correction lenses* Vision correction Product Name Product No. fed Dr.Japan GoAtd. Radiation Protection Glasses for Healthcare Providers Medical device registration number: 11B1X00018000004 * Patent pending fed Dr. Japan Co., ltd. Gyoda Factory 4-15-1 Nagano, Gyoda-shi, Saitama 361-0023 Head office 1-1 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0825 TEL +81 -3-3513-8766 FAX +81 -3-3513-8226 www.drjapan-jp.com/ Copyright © 2018 Dr. Japan Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Dr.B-Go's High specs Level Protection Highest level protection in the industry helps to _ 1 against scattered radiation from tne front as well as from the sides and below. Lead glass lens Lead equivalent Q«88 mmPb Painted lead lens frame Lead equivalent J Extreme Weight-balanced Fit The design maximizes weight balance for the wearer, leading to a minimal stress, comfortable fit. Beta-titanium temple Long ultralight/superelastic beta-titanium temple Weighted lead glass lenses reduce stress on the nose have been and also optimize the glasses' fit. Temple width can also be adjusted to fit...

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