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Buxco® Inhalation Exposure System Designed by Respiratory Experts Inhalation Toxicology • Bioaerosol • Environmental • Disease Models • Pharmace

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Get More from Inhalation Exposure Studies The DSI Buxco inhalation exposure system is easy to use for researchers who are new to inhalation exposure studies, while providing the performance and flexibility required by the experts. Unique to DSI’s solution is the ability to perform accurate real-time respiration monitoring during exposure using FinePointe software—critical for animal welfare and determining accurate deposition levels. Unique Tower Design • Flow-past design utilizes inner and outer cores in order to • eliminate rebreathing, reducing C02 levels • improve port-to-port...

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Smart Inhalation Tower Controller • Operates independently or linked to FinePointe Inhalation software • Microprocessor manages tower air flow & pressure based on user settings • Push/Pull air flow design can create + /- or 0 pressure conditions • Utilizes integrated air pumps or laboratory air sources • ntegrated hardware support for collection of I respiratory endpoints when using optional FinePointe software • idal Volume, Minute Volume, T Breaths per minute, etc. • inePointe software displays and records F multiple tower parameters: • ressure, Flow, Temperature, Humidity, P 02/C02, Test...

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Optional System Components • Auxiliary Controller for: • 02/C02 measurement • Particle size measurement • Managing Supplemental Flow Controller • Wet or dry aerosol generation • Aerosol conditioning Auxiliary Controller Supplemental Flow Controller • Cigarette smoke integration • Test article concentration measurement: inflow and port • Temperature & humidity measurement Smoke Generator The DSI Advantage • Over 30 years of experience partnering with researchers to provide proven technologies • Global Technical Support • Installation • Training • Application Support • Custom solutions...

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