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Physiologic Monitoring Systems for Life Science Research Discover the possibilities with DSI.

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First Choice Among Researchers DSI offers complete physiologic monitoring systems that sense, transmit, acquire and report data. Each system is engineered with quality and performance you can trust. ■ High-quality implants sense and transmit signals ■ Accurate receivers, signal conditioners and amplifiers collect and transfer signals ■ Robust software transforms signals into usable, clean, accurate data O © O Flexible Solutions for Research CARDIOVASCULAR arterial and left ventricular pressures, ECG, activity, pressure volume loop, HRV L M ir glucose, heart rate, temperature, activity y...

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Chronic Monitoring Systems Proven health benefits and high-quality data make telemetry the first choice for chronic physiological monitoring in a variety of animals. • Most humane means of monitoring animals • Stress-induced artifact is significantly reduced as animal handling is minimized • Physiologic measurements can be obtained around the clock with no lab personnel present • Collects data from conscious, freely moving laboratory animals • Decreases the costs of many protocols by reducing the number of animals required Robust Software Provides the Power At the core of every physiologic...

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PhysioTel™ Digital Large Animal Telemetry System L21 - LARGE ANIMAL IMPLANT M00 - LARGE ANIMAL IMPLANT Telemetry Systems Implantable Telemetry Wireless implants are offered in a variety of models, shapes and sizes to optimize data collection, maximize lab space and simplify studies. Physiologic signals measured include, but are not limited to: • Pressures: arterial, pleural, venous, left ventricular, ocular, bladder • Biopotentials: ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG • Respiration • Temperature and activity • Blood glucose PhysioTel™ Small Animal Telemetry CAGES/RECEIVERS HD-S21 - SMALL ANIMAL IMPLANT...

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External Telemetry Designed for large animal studies, it is capable of providing continuous, highquality data for short or long durations. The system is easy to set up and use, offering Bluetooth® capability in a single system designed for portability. Physiologic signals measured include: • ECG • Blood pressure • Respiration • Temperature and activity Bluetooth® Receiver External Telemetry

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Acute Monitoring Systems DSI has solutions for acute or sub-chronic studies that are specifically designed for accurate, stable measurements of physiologic data. Pulmonary Solutions Hardwired Solutions • Whole body plethysmography • Non-invasive airway mechanics • Central nervous system with high bandwidth, multi-channel EEG recordings • Isolated organ preparations for action potential measurements • Pulmonary function testing • Cardiac output for pressure volume loop analysis • Inhalation / exposure systems Respiratory Systems BUXCO FINEPOINTE WHOLE BODY PLETHYSMOGR

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Scientific Services Our experienced team provides expertise you can trust. Data services to aid in data evaluation and reporting Validation services to ensure full software system compliance Surgical services to help minimize surgical challenges Technical training services to ensure successful system use About Data Sciences International DSI is a pioneering biomedical research company focused on preclinical systems physiology and pharmacology. The recognized global leader in physiologic monitoring, DSI offers telemetry, pulmonary solutions, software and services that facilitate accelerated,...

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