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Better Data. Better Science. Small Animal Dual Pressure Monitoring Discovery – Safety Pharmacology –Toxicology – Biodefense Two Pressures, Biopotential, Temperature, Activity Warranted Battery Life HD-S20 NEW! Two Pressures, Temperature, Activity Minimum Animal Weight PhysioTel HD Dual Pressure Implants • Detect Subtle Pressure Changes in Small Animals • Left ventricular pressure + blood pressure (BP) • Pulmonary artery pressure + BP • Right ventricular pressure + BP • Pleural pressure + BP • Bladder pressure Scientists seeking greater parameter accuracy (e.g. dP/dt) will find these implants to be ideal for high-fidelity applications. • Get a More Complete Physiologic Assessment from a Single Animal • Reduced inter-animal variability • Reduced cost (labor, compound, housing) • Early risk assessment • Integrate with additional parameters (metabolic, renal) • Other Important Benefits • Excellent pressure channel stability • Also collect temperature and activity data

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