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Hardwired Amplification Digital Signal Conditioners and Accessories Better Data. Better Science.

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Better signals mean better data The 7700 Platform has a unique sampling mechanism employing a combination of sampling rate and span to provide optimal resolution for many applications: ■ Cardiovascular ■ Hemodynamic ■ Respiratory ■ Isolated Organ ■ Central Nervous System DSI's 7700 digital signal conditioners and accessories accelerate your research by delivering better resolution of data using the latest Digital Signal Processors. Our signal conditioners filter the data, eliminating inaccuracies and signal offsets, preventing issues that often arise from analog components. By using the...

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Hardwired Amplification - 3

Designed specifically for use with the Validyne DP-45 and DP-250 Differential Pressure Transducers for accurate pulmonary pressure, volume and flow measurements. Up to 32 input channels available with the ability to select uni-polar, bi-polar, single-ended or differential measurements. *Cable kits offered Standard laboratory BNC connections easily allow high level signals to be brought into Ponemah for association with other signals. *Cable kits offered Provides a communication link with the external BIO12 POD and the Multi-Lead ECG POD. Delivers an ECG sync pulse using standard TTL logic...

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Hardwired Amplification Accessories Hardwired Sensors Sensors available for blood pressure, differential pressure, force, biopotential, and temperature measurements. ACQ-7700 The ACQ-7700 2-Slot Acquisition Interface is a low cost solution designed specifically to interface to the Ponemah Physiology Platform. The modular design allows the user to easily expand the number of available acquisition channels to a maximum of 64, through the installation of 7700 series signal conditioner modules. The smaller, portable, and rugged chassis is perfect for laboratories that conduct acute studies...

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