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QOO SSIiPRECIO® The first programmable, implantable, and refillable infusion pump for small animal models. Accuracy • Conduct chronic infusion studies while assuring subjects are receiving accurate infusion rates on pre-determined schedules • With better than +/-5% accuracy for infusion, iPRECIO offers improved accuracy over alternatives Implantable • Animals are freely moving during drug infusion studies lasting up to six months • Reduce infection risk and stress in study animals Programmable • Program simple or complex infusion protocols prior to study start • Choose constant or variable flow rates to optimize your infusion protocol • Specify the infusion start time to ensure that adequate recovery or washout periods take place according to study protocol Refillable • Percutaneously accessible port • Refill multiple times while in vivo, eliminating the need for additional surgeries, pumps or animals • Refill iPRECIO with multiple drugs, concentrations of drugs, or vehicles while implanted iPRECIO Applications Include: • Dose escalation studies • Pharmacokinetic and tolerance studies • Test multiple drugs/vehicles within one animal • Circadian infusion studies • Use in conjunction with telemetry, plus m

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iPRECIO Martel E Refined rat pharmacology studies with infusion using implantable pumps. DSI User Group Meeting, Paris, France; March 17th 18th 2011 Osborn J, presenter; Fink G, discussant Implantable infusion pumps for chronic rodent studies. Workshop: Rodent Instrumentation Workshop M, Knuepfer, Experimental Biology, Washington DC,; April 9th to 13th 2011 Perron J, Frenette V,, and Copeman C. Validation and use of the iPRECIO® Micro Infusion Pump on GLP studies Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, United States, March 11th to 14th 2012, Schne/I C. and Ferrat T Use of novel...

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