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MiniVac Type 812 Gas Evacuation Unit The MiniVac provides an ideal way to safely scavenge gas anesthesia used in small animal surgical procedures. The MiniVac can be used in conjunction with either the Fluosorber or the F/Air filter canister. Alternatively, it can be integrated directly to the main exhaust of the building. The MiniVac can be interfaced with a wide variety of inhalation anesthetic delivery options including nose cones, induction boxes, ventilators, and stereotaxic devices. The adjustable speed allows the user to control the flow, adjusting it to the needs of their particular set up. Specifcations FEATURES • Small footprint • Easy to use • Adjustable flow • Versatility in set up • Compatible with multiple filter canister options Ordering Information Order # Contact Hugo Sachs Elektronik Germany Gruenstrasse 1 D-79232 March-Hugstetten Germany phone: +49 7665-92000 fax: +49 7665-920090 email: web: USA 84 October Hill Road Holliston, MA 01746 United States phone: 508-893-8999 toll free: 800-272-2775 fax: 508-429-5732 email: web: Hugo Sachs Elektronik • MiniVac Type 812 Gas Evacuation Unit

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