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Neuroscience Telemetry Solutions Sleep • Seizure • Affective Disorders • Movement Disorders • Neurodegenerative Diso

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Research Area Examples Example Methods Insomnia Narcolepsy Restless Leg Syndrome Sleep Apnea Epilepsy Traumatic Brain Injury Brain Cancer Chemical Defense Affective Disorders Movement Disorders Depression Bipolar Disorder Anxiety Ataxia Dystonia Essential Tremor Parkinson's Disease Sleep scoring through frequency and amplitude analysis of EEG and EMG. Video is also used to distinguish between REM and wakefulness Seizure detection based on EEG amplitude and morphology assessment, skeletal muscle EMG, and video for confirmation of convulsive activity Frequency and amplitude based EEG analysis...

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Neuroscience - 3

Get the data you need by recording any combination of up to four biopotential channels (typically EEG, EMG, or ECG), plus temperature and activity with the PhysioTel™ Digital L03 and L04. PhysioTel™ Digital - The best choice for you and your test subjects • Social housing compatible with a wide range of enclosures • Automated configuration eliminates human errors and provides a fast study start-up • Encoded animal ID ensures traceability and GLP compliance • Remote programming for convenient, safe, and easy device battery management Experience the versatility of recording any combination of...

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Neuroscience - 4

Noldus Video with Telemetry DSI has partnered with Noldus Information Technology to offer scientists a better video experience. By integrating the Noldus Media Recorder and DSI’s Ponemah Physiology Platform, scientists have an easy method for synchronizing physiologic data with video data. Synchronize up to eight video cameras with physiologic signals for better interpretation of your data. Compatible with various camera types and brands. NeuroScore™ NeuroScore is a versatile, streamlined solution that combines easy-to-use tools, efficient data processing, and accurate data analysis to...

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