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CNS Data Analysis Software Power to Process More Data in Less Time. NeuroScore is a versatile, streamlined solution that combines easy-to-use tools, efficient data processing, and accurate data analysis to reduce time to results. Built to efficiently analyze chronic data sets common to sleep and seizure studies, this modular platform provides the power and consistency required for CNS research applications. Powerful, Efficient Data Analysis • Specifically designed to quickly load and analyze large, continuous datasets common to acute or chronic CNS studies. • Analyze data collected in Dataquest A.R.T., Ponemah, EDF/EDF+ and other file formats. • Effortlessly view, browse, and synchronize data using sophisticated graphic and numeric displays. • Identify and mark user-defined events or sleep stages with greater precision using advanced frequency analysis, statistics, and filtering tools. • Further process derived data by exporting to Excel ® and other file formats. Reduce Time to Results • Increase throughput by allowing analysis processes to be automated across multiple animals at once using the Batch Processing module. • Increase efficiencies by automatically monitoring data folders for seamless loading of new recordings. • Reduce analysis time using automated scoring modules to rapidly and accurately process data. • Quickly and consistently summarize results using predefined or custom reporting templates. Batch Processing Tools Help JBJ In Window ^B |!P™k | Arrange Signals 1 Aula gfitAII II SraleAll | 3 S?, Choose Recordings. Edit Workflc Manage Workflows. Save scoring £ Automated Select Scoring -> Enpression [Automated] Recordings | output | Action Log | Select Whole Recording Run Analysis: Rodent Sleep Scoring 2 CiVJsersVdirisktpesktop^ocationl C:YJsersVhriskV)esktop^ocationl C:YJsersVdrisk\Pesktopiocatonl CiVJsersVdirisktpesktop^ocationl C:YJsersVhriskV)esktop^ocationl C:YJsersVdrisk\Pesktopiocatonl CiVJsersVdirisktpesktop^ocationl C:YJsersVhriskV)esktop^ocationl Running Running Running Running Running Running Running Running

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Choose the CNS Software Modules that Best Meet Your Research Needs. NeuroScore’s modular design allows it to be tailored to a specific research application. The core software is the foundation of the analysis platform and contains the majority of the program features and functions. Choose from the optional modules to enhance the core software. Sleep Scoring Modules Dramatically reduce analysis time and variability using the Rodent and Large Animal Sleep Scoring modules. Automated Rodent Sleep Scoring • Scoring based on the frequency content of the EEG and presence of EMG activity and...

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