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Features of PhysioCath Catheters • Individually packaged and sterilized. PhysioCath catheters are sold in quantities of five and ready for implantation with no need for advance preparation. • Made from a flexible polyurethane material and include a radiused and glass-smoothed distal tip surface designed to reduce indwelling irritation when compared to materials used in traditional catheters. • Remains firm at room temperature, but at body temperature the catheter material becomes soft and pliable, enabling easy insertion and minimizing the opportunity to irritate the vessel wall. • Anti-thrombogenic coating applied to the distal 2 cm to improve blood compatibility. Anti-thrombogenic coating has been proven in thousands of uses to significantly reduce the incidence of thrombus formation on the outer surface of the catheter, extending catheter viability and study duration • Includes a retaining ring to secure the catheter in place within the vessel. • Can be re-sterilized after use by soaking in 2% activated glutaraldehyde solution or with ETO. Choose DSI and Reduce the Cost of Your Research In the past, catheters for continuous infusion studies were made from stock pieces of PE, PVC or silicone tubing. It became clear that PE tubing abraded vessel walls and easily kinked or cracked at stress points. PVC tubing released potentially harmful and confounding plasticizers into the blood stream and become stiff after only weeks of implantation. Homemade catheters made under poor quality conditions can lead to septicemia, vessel wall irritation, and loss of patency, which may lead to animals being removed from study. These problems may result in hidden costs such as antibiotics to control infection, extra labor for maintenance, and overpopulating the study in anticipation of dropouts. PhysioCath vascular catheters perform better than other options while saving time, money and valuable animals.

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Ordering Information Catalog Inside Diameter Specifications Material Urethane Shelf Life One year from date of manufacture Softening Point Softens at body temperature retaining ring (optional) Rodent (top) and primate/dog (bottom) vascular catheters. 119 14th Street NW, Suite 100, St. Paul, MN 55112 · tel +1 (651) 481-7400 / +1 (800) 262-9687 · fax +1 (651) 481-7404 Copyright ©2012 Data Sciences International 119 14th Street NW, Suite 100, St. Paul, MN 55112 · tel +1 (651) 481-7400 / +1 (800) 262-9687 · fax +1 (651) 481-7404 Copyright ©2012 Data Science

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