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PhysioCath Telemetry Catheters DSI pressure sensing implants use a solid state sensor coupled to a proprietary and biocompatible catheter to acquire high fidelity signals. Biocompatible gel prevents clotting Incompressible fluid transfers signal from tip to sensor High compliance catheter provides required frequency response PhysioCath Technology Implant body protects sensor from moisture Solid state pressure sensor • Each DSI PhysioCath has a thin-walled sensing region at the tip containing a proprietary gel to interface between catheter fluid and blood or surrounding body fluid. The catheter tip also receives a proprietary treatment to minimize the risk of blood clots. The gel interface and catheter treatment allow for chronic catheter patency for weeks, months, or years depending on model, without maintenance such as using anticoagulant or flushing catheters. • DSI PhysioCath catheters are made from a specially designed urethane grade that is more firm at room temperature and more pliable at body temperature. This unique property makes it easier to insert PhysioCath during surgical implantation, yet minimizes the risk of vascular or tissue trauma. • Record signals requiring high frequency response, such as left ventricular pressure in large and small animal species. • Stable sensors provide very low pressure drift and are capable of identifying subtle pressure variations such as pulmonary arterial pressure, intra-ocular pressure, pleural cavity pressure, or bladder pressure. Drift Specifications Implant Series Pressure Specification PhysioTel Digital, <0.25 mmHg/month (average); <2mmHg/month PhysioTel HD, (max) and PA-C10 Comparison of hardwired Millar catheter and HD-S21 LVP catheter in the same male Sprague Dawley rat during epinephrine challenge.

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