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Large Animal Telemetry Discovery – Safety Pharmacology – Toxicology – Biodefense Better Data

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Proven and preferred for over 30 years DSI telemetry is used by more researchers than any other in the market with more than 5,000 publications cited from over 1,000 institutions globally. 1987: First commercially available telemetry implant for large animals 1985: First telemetry implant 2006: DSI purchases Ponemah 2007: acketed External J Telemetry (JET) released 2012: PhysioTel Digital released PhysioTel Digital The best choice for you and your test subjects • Social housing compatible with a wide range of enclosures • Automated configuration eliminates human errors and provides a fast...

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L series: These implants are designed for chronic physiologic monitoring research in colony animals. Implants are used in safety pharmacology studies to address core battery requirements in cardiovascular (CV) and respiratory applications. Core CV measurements include systemic pressure and ECG and includes LV pressure as a secondary measurement. L series implants are also eligible for the DSI Exchange program, reducing your ongoing study costs while ensuring implant quality, in vivo reliability, and performance. M series: The smaller size of M series allows PhysioTel Digital technology to...

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Implant specifications Feature Implant capacity per system 16 – North America 16 – Europe 12 – Japan 15 – China Implant capacity per study area 48 - North America 30 - Europe 18 - Japan 25 - China Transmission range Implant weight Warranted implant duration Implant dimensions Additional specifications DSI’s Scientific Services Data Services Surgical Services Keep your study on time with data experts ready to assist you with collection, analysis or reporting data. Free surgical consultation, plus preimplantation services and multiple surgical training options. Technical Services Validation...

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