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Better Data. Better Science. PowerLab Hardware High-performance data acquisition hardware for a wide range of research applications. PowerLab is engineered for precise, consistent and reliable data acquisition and is ideal for researchers looking to maximize the data collected from every small animal. The flexible design allows researcher’s to collect physiologic data from telemetry in conjunction with data from other sources such as flow probes, running wheels, etc.. Capabilities include automated start/stop features to trigger external devices initiated by data points or software commands. For nearly 30 years, ADInstruments’ data acquisition and analysis products have been successfully supporting customers with powerful user-friendly software, specialized training & support, and flexible solution focused systems. PowerLabs are USB DAQ devices. Simply set the PowerLab on your bench space, plug it in, and start using it with LabChart software. It’s that easy! Reliable Performance • High-throughput full-bandwidth sampling of any analog signal 2 mV - 10 V Full 16-bit ADC resolution; resolve voltage differences as small as 61 nV (35 Series) 200 kHz maximum sampling rate (35 Series) Built to last, ISO certified, with a hardware warranty of up to 5 years Flexible Connectivity • Analog outputs for external device control or stimulation protocols DIN connectors for precalibrated transducers and low-cost amplifiers Digital input and output connectors for signaling to/from TTL devices 35 Series PowerLab systems include LabChart data acquisition and analysis software.

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Built for the most demanding research applications, all 35 Series PowerLabs are 16-bit, with a 400kS/s ADC giving a maximum per channel sampling rate of 200 kS/s. Each channel has individual filters and noise reduction circuitry to minimize channel crosstalk and signal noise. All 35 Series have 2 analog outputs, a TTL trigger input, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. PowerLab 16/35 - The most powerful ADInstruments DAQ system, with 16 analog input channels, 4 of which can be used in differential mode. PowerLab 8/35 - 8 analog input channels - 4 of which can be used in differential...

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