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Features • Over 8-24 hours of unattended operation • Wide range of cigarette sizes accepted • Automated delivery, lighting, positioning and ejection of cigarettes • Direct smoke puffed by mechanical lung, allows control of puff volumes and rates, including industry standard puff settings • Direct smoke and indirect smoke are available through separate ports • Smoking chamber is lit internally • Cleanable glass door and chamber ceiling to allow a clear view of the smoking cigarette • Sealed chamber prevents virtually any smoke from escaping to lab • Compact size to fit small lab spaces and standard hoods DSI's Buxco Smoke Generator is completely automated and requires no on-site operator. Simply load the cigarettes, press “Start," and the system will run unattended. It captures direct and indirect smoke, and delivers it to mass dosing chambers c individual exposure tubes. The basic system comes configured to smoke 80 cigarettes before emptying the tray. With the expansion option, it can burn 300 cigarettes before emptying the tray. Buxco* Smoke Generator The smoke generator with a Buxco Inhalation Tower. When the exposure chambers are attached, this system will provide smoke to up to 14 subjects.

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