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Many allergy triggers, many symptoms – one diagnostic tool: FastCheckPOC® 20. Allergies to pollen, grasses, foods, etc. can have a negative impact on patients at any time of the year. The body reacts inadequately to substances in the patient's environment. A fast and reliable diagnosis is the key to alleviating symptoms and to a successful treatment of allergies. Patients affected often suffer from a variety of possible symptoms: • Seasonal and perennial rhinitis and conjunctivitis during consultation, within 30 minutes. The fast and common allergies with its 20-allergen test. This com-...

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FastCheckPOC® 20 – The only semi-quantitative allergy rapid test. FastCheckPOC 20 is an ELISA protocol for semi-quantitative determination of allergen-specific IgE. The whole kit, including the reagents, are manufactured under highest quality standards in Germany. All necessary components required to perform the test are included in the test-kit, eliminating the need for additional equipment or consumables. FASTCHECKPOC® 20 – COMPLETE TEST KIT READY FOR USE. Take the blood sample (from the fingertip or earlobe) Perform the test (only 30 minutes) With the test kit you receive: • • Small...

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Our goal: Optimisation of diagnosis time. FastCheck POC 20 is a simple and effective tool for diagnosis of type I sensitisations and is a better alternative to skin tests or blood tests in the laboratory. RELIABLE RESULTS PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY. The possibility of starting treatment immediately helps in optimising treatment time and advising the patient effectively. Studies carried out by renowned international aller- for a reliable system that enables immediate evaluation gologists at various hospitals and research institutes of allergies and introduction of treatment. FastCheckThe...

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DST Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH Gueterbahnhofstraße 16 19059 Schwerin Germany T F DST specialises in diagnostic solutions for allergies, food intolerances and professional diet optimisation. Our allergen extract production has one of the largest offers in the market: 600 food and respiratory allergens. DST is certified by the TÜV Rheinland according to EN ISO 13485. DIAGNOSTICS MADE IN GERMANY

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