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Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH Gueterbahnhofstrasse 16 19059 Schwerin - Germany DST specializes in diagnostic solutions for allergies, food intolerances and professional diet optimization. Our allergen extract production has one of the largest offers in the market: 600 high quality, respiratory, food and environmental allergens and food extracts, including purified major and recombinant ones. DST is certified by the TUV Rheinland according to EN ISO 13485. ■OAESKU. GROUP DIAGNOSTICS MADE IN GERMANY ELISA KITS for Food Intolerance O o n ° ° o « o ,C O - u

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The NutriLAB kits are used for in vitro diagnostics in humans of food-specific IgG/IgG4 antibodies in serum or plasma. DST develops, manufactures and markets in vitro diagnostics for laboratory use - a variety of microtiter plate-based detection systems: ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) kits for diagnostics of specific IgG/IgG4. ELISA KIT FOR DETECTION OF SPECIFIC IgG/IgG4 (HUMAN) NutriLAB ELISA KITS EASE OF USE, CUSTOMIZABLE PANELS. Symptoms of Food Intolerance Symptoms of Allergy Allergic Rhinitis Oral Allergc Syndrome Insomnia High Blood...

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