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NutriSMART® - 1

Food Intolerance Rapid Test 1 drop of blood 30 minutes 57 foods

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NutriSMART® - 2

NUTRI SMART® Food intolerance There is a growing trend of people showing adverse reactions to different foods within their diet - generally termed as food intolerance. Symptoms could be bloating, headache, fatigue, diarrhea, irritable bowel and other gastroenterology and dermatology related conditions. It is estimated that in developed countries every second person is suffering from a symptom related to food intolerance. Further, food intolerance symptoms are slowly turning into a serious lifestyle disease that is generally overlooked due to difficulties in diagnosis. Increase in awareness...

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NutriSMART® - 3

Test Panel Wheat Rye Barley Oat Grain mix A Grain mix B Gluten Buckwheat, Amaranth, Goosefoot Corn, Rice Peanut Hazelnut Almond Banana Fruit mix A Fruit mix B Apple Pineapple Kiwi fruit Casein Cow's milk Goat's milk Sheep's milk Seafood Vegetables Meat Others Lemon, Orange Strawberry, Grape, Peach Cod Fish mix Tuna Seafood mix Shrimp, Squid, Octopus Tomato Legume mix Vegetable mix A Vegetable mix B Leek/Onion mix Pea, Green bean Carrot, Celery Cabbage, Broccoli Garlic, Onion, Leek Lamb/Mutton Meat mix A Meat mix B Pork, Beef Chicken, Turkey Potato Soy Yeast Mix Cacao Coffee Mustard Salmon,...

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