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Safety Storage Cabinets Certified System Solutions

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DÜPERTHAL – constant reassurance

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Welcome to DÜPERTHAL As a leading German quality and technology enterprise, we set the standards when it comes to designing system solutions for the process-optimised storage of chemicals and hazardous materials. All of our products and solutions are tailored specifically to meet your requirements. In addition to maximum safety, they offer the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency – also in situations where there is no risk of fire. We are therefore providing you with constant reassurance. This is what we, as a family-run company, stand for. The original is what we stand for....

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Important information at the outset Constant development for your safety We don't rest on our good reputation. Because we are aware that your work is constantly becoming more complex. That's why your demands on our safety solutions are increasing. In order to meet these requirements, we are continuously pushing ahead with further developing our products. We invest time, know-how, passion and especially one thing: heart and soul. Did you know that ... »» the name DÜPERTHAL stands for full service? »» DÜPERTHAL markets more than just products? »» MyDÜPERTHAL and the internet-enabled Cabi2Net...

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The smart technological innovation Internet of Things digital transformation is real Innovative smart technologies such as networkable safety storage cabinets, the database MyDÜPERTHAL for all process-relevant cabinet information and the interactive Quick Scan feature with augmented reality function will support you even better with your processes - mobile and in real time. Learn more about this technological revolution from page 360. Ventilation monitoring Level monitoring Info Scan Door status Temperature monitoring Supply container Augmented reality Display of cabinet information

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From the process to realisation: We go with you We offer products and service for every requirement DÜPERTHAL offers system solutions for process-optimised storage of chemicals and hazardous substances for scientific research, development and production. Our goal is to always fulfil your individual requirements with customised solutions. This is why you can expect not only outstanding certified products from us, but also outstanding full service.

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Safety Storage Cabinets - 11

Services throughout the process Innovative products for every situation One of our central positioning features is the deep under- Our product portfolio for the storage, use and disposal of standing of the processes of our customers. For more than chemicals and hazardous substances is as diverse as the 40 years, we have stood by you as an active compan- requirements for their handling. In addition to high-quality, ion and consultant: from the analysis of your individual certified safety storage cabinets, we offer a variety of requirements, to the planning and implementation of the fitting...

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Safety Storage Cabinets - 12

Services throughout the entire process Safe and economical solutions Not only do you get a technically perfect system from us, but we also make sure that you have to put in as little effort as possible. We deliver our products directly to the site and take over the implementation. Full service is our principle. From process analysis to concept Together with you on site, our experts will collect extensive data in an as-is analysis. Based on this information and your requirements, a target state is defined in a task folder. Modular and tested system solutions We use the full range of...

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Safety Storage Cabinets - 13

Maintaining value Optimal integration – safe and economical solutions Product life cycle - maximum safety We work conscientiously to optimise your process flows To ensure the functionality and safety of your system sustainably. This means that we attach great importance solution in the long term, we recommend an annual to documentation and training. In addition, the latest inspection. Our service agreement guarantees you technology is used for evaluations. In this way, we maintenance and spare parts long after installation and integrate our products ideally into your existing structures....

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Safety Storage Cabinets - 14

Your Challenge – Our Solution The handling of hazardous substances is subject to stringent regulations – for good reason. DÜPERTHAL can help you to meet all the relevant requirements whilst at the same time optimising your work processes. Based on the analysis of the actual status and the jointly defined objective, you receive an individually tailored and modular system solution from us. Thanks to our varied product range, you can design your laboratory and workplace flexibly and as needed.

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Safety Storage Cabinets - 15

1. Storage Safely storing hazardous substances We offer a wide range of products for the safe storage of sensitive hazardous goods. Up to 90 minutes of protection in case of fire ensures maximum safety. 2. Use Using products ergonomically In addition to a large range of standard solutions, we have tailor-made solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflows and optimise them. 3. Disposal Disposing of materials in an environmentally sound manner There are strict regulations for the disposal of dangerous goods. We provide a wide range of products and components for safe implementation...

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Safety Storage Cabinets - 16

Reliable protection in case of fire 90 minutes – Course of events and timetable of a fire In the event of a fire, the 90 minutes of tested fire protection is the decisive factor in protecting people and minimising damage to property. DÜPERTHAL safety storage cabinets of fire resistance rating Type 90 allow sufficient time for workers to leave the room in the event of a fire and allow the fire brigade sufficient time to get into the laboratory. Just before a smaller extinguishable fire from stored flammable substances causes an uncontrollable fire. Type 90 Fire resistance 0 min. 0 minutes -...

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The test of the cabinet under fire conditions is part of the standard. Each cabinet model is type-tested in a fire chamber in accordance with DIN EN 14470-1. The test parameters and test temperatures in the fire chamber and directly in the cabinet are specified in the standard, and further details are provided on the following pages. 10-15 min. 10-15 minutes - after the start of the fire »» The fire brigade is at the source of the fire. Your benefits with the 90-minute technology »» Safety storage cabinets Type 90 retain their function After 10 minutes of burn time »» Safety storage...

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