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The Technological Advantage for Dental Clinics and Universities Dental-medical compressed air and suction systems by Dürr Dental Clinic om y fr suppl ne o e sourc COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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Superior technology matched with perfect service Dürr Dental sets the benchmark for both compressed air and suction systems. As one of the leading manufacturers, we provide solutions for both large practices, dental clinics and universities with several hundred treatment, simulation and phantom workstations. Individual project planning Comprehensive and customized service Clinics need a consistent supply of compressed air and suc- Our experienced project managers can take on the develop- tion. This is where high performance with reliable reserves ment of the entire project. The seamless...

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Superior quality for compressed air systems This is what matters: ■ Premium compressed air quality: oil free, dry, hygienic (as per HTM 2022/DIN EN ISO 7396-1) ■ Compressors automatically switched on and off according to compressed air requirements ■ If one compressor breaks down, the next one automatically performs its tasks ■ Just one central bacteria suction filter for a complete station (e.g. P 12000) Technical Data Clinic Pressure Station P 6000 P 9000 P 12000 Dimensions pressure station Dimensions tank station (H x B x T cm) 210x100x130 210x100x130 210x100x130 210x100x130 210x100x130...

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Clinic suction systems – cutting edge technology This is what matters: ▪ Central separation unit made of stainless steel ▪ Uniform use of suction motors, thus ensuring high reliability and an increase in the overall service life ▪ Cost effective use of power thanks to automatic switch on and switch off of suction motors according to actual operational times and the required volume flow ▪ Intelligent fault monitoring Technical Data Suction Units Current consumption (A) Dimensions w/o condensate separator (H x W x D cm) Weight net (kg) Negative pressure (mbar) suction pressure connection...

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The Central Separation Tank – in stainless steel only from Dürr Dental Optionally, a noise-reducing housing is available for all compressors and suction systems The Central Separation Tank collects all the secretion sucked from treatment stations, separates the secretion-air mix and feeds the air into the suction unit. This system thus replaces individual separators for each station. Separation occurs afterwards in the CA 4 Amalgam Separators. Automatic integrated flushing and disinfection also reduces the spread of germs in the tank. Central remote monitoring Central remote monitoring...

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That’s efficiency - compressed air and suction systems from a single source Compressed air and suction from Dürr Dental Flexible solutions tailor-made to your requirements Besides the high-performance suction units to which a central Dürr Dental offers vacuum systems for dry and semi-dry or integrated separation system is connected upstream, suctions systems. These flexible solutions are available in Dürr Dental also provides central compressed air units with 5 versions and are suitable for up to 100 treatment units. refrigerant type dryer and cyclone separator for up to The...

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Best references from leading dental clinics around the world Nepean Dental Hospital, Australia Bahrain Defence Force Hospital, Bahrain University Gent, Belgium Universidad Autonoma De Chile, Chile No.9 Peoples Hospital, China Hangzhou Dental Hospital, China University of Copenhagen, Denmark Carolinum Frankfurt, Germany University Munich, Germany Westdeutsche Kieferklinik Düsseldorf, Germany Kuopio University, Finland Université de Nantes, France Université de Strasbourg, France Leeds Dental Hospital, Great Britain Edinburgh Hospital, Great Britain ESIC Dental College New Delhi, India...

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Marmara University, Turkey 299 treatment units 3 suction units V 18000 3 central separation tank 3 compressed air stations P 12000 No.9 Peoples Hospital, China 330 treatment units 3 suction units V 18000 3 central separation tank 3 compressed air stations P 12000 Rangsit University, Thailand 1079 treatment units 6 suction units V 9000 7 suction units V 12000 13 central separation tank 6 compressed air stations P 9000 10 compressed air stations P 12000 KSU Boys College, KSU Girls College, Saudi Arabia 746 treatment units 2 suction units V 6000 4 suction units V 9000 6 suction units V 18000 7...

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Hopfigheimer Strasse 17 ^^FAf~\\ inn Germany ^DENTAL THE BEST. BY DESIGN

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