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The heart of your practice – Dürr Dental compressors High-performance and safe – too good to store away down in the basement. mum Maxi ity il reliab COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE tronic New elec trol on net work c

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Dürr Dental – Spirit of innovation with a love for details Dürr Dental has stood for progressive and trend-setting solutions in dental medicine for more than 70 years. Numerous standards can be traced back to developments from Dürr Dental – with new benchmarks being set even today. With an array of compatible system solutions for compressed air, suction, imaging, dental care and hygiene, Dürr Dental offers high-quality products and excellent service for every need. In Europe, 1964, Dürr Dental made it possible to treat patients in a supine position using a suction system. One year later,...

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Quality builds trust – Top technology for the heart of the practice Compressed air for the highest demands in dentistry Dental compressed air must be hygienic. Moisture content must thus be kept to a minimum and contamination by oil or oil-lubricated compressor without dry-air unit oil-free compressor with membrane-drying unit particulates eliminated. This would jeopardise the stability of materialsas well as the operation of delicate instruments. The hygienic and aseptic expectations of patients must also be met. The membrane dryer on the compressor prevents moist environments becoming...

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Engineering ingenuity with passion. For maximum operation and safety Even that which is not seen performs A good compressor does its work in the background while the team concentrates on treatment. It supplies the air/water nozzle, the turbine, the air abrasion tool and all additional pneumatic devices. Therefore, a compressor must never run out of air – for a reliable and consistent practice. Maximum quality is a Dürr Dental standard In order to guarantee a maximum standard of quality, Dürr Dental almost exclusively manufactures its products at an industrial location in Germany. Each...

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The right amount of compressed air for every practice ndividual Com mpressor selection for two to 10 users r The classic among compact compressors, with The high-performance compressor with three The high performing 4-cylinder compressor with cylinders and a 50-liter tank – offers sufficient 50-liter tank – for up to four users. reserves for three users.

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Decide the performance level you require The selection of a compressor depends, above all, on the required reserves and, therefore, the size of the practice and number of users. Dürr Dental offers models for all performance demands – from compact compressors for new practices up to high-performance compressors for clinics. The array of products includes upgradable models to accommodate for growing practices and the commensurate demand for compressed air. Dürr Dental and specialist dental product distributors can provide you with further information about the right compressed air solution...

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Clever ideas for your practice – tandem concept and network connection A solution with the option for more The tandem models offer the option for adding additional Dürr Dental compressors, thus ensuring maximum future use and operational safety. The possibility for modular upgrades makes it a flexible solution with the option for more to be added at a later date. The base version of the Duo Tandem reliably supplies compressed air for two users using just one aggregate. The compressor tank is flexible – to allow for the attachment of a second aggregate simply add an additional component when...

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Go digital. Tandem compressors with electronic controls. With electronic controls, Dürr Dental brings the dental practice into the digital age. This innovative control technology has features which make the regulation and monitoring of your compressor even easier and safer. In addition to electronically tuning and adjusting the pressure range to meet the exact need, it also offers a digital display of the air quality and operating pressure of the compressor. Control of the aggregate is oriented toward consumption and avoids unnecessary parallel work by both aggregates . This results in a...

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The membrane-drying unit – patented technology by Dürr Dental Continuous performance thanks to the membrane-drying unit Equipped with the innovative membrane-drying unit from Since the membrane-drying unit prevents the formation of Dürr Dental, the compressor provides two unbeatable moist environments, microorganisms are denied a breeding ground. Dry air protects your instruments, conserves their ▪ Constant performance with guaranteed dryness, even value and helps ensure hygienic treatment conditions. during continuous operation ▪ The membrane-drying unit creates constantly dry compressed...

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Even more safety from infections Antibacterial inner tank coating Bacteria always harbours the potential for certain hazards and in unfortunate cases can lead to infection. The interior walls of Dürr Dental compressors are coated with a special antibacterial material. Nowadays this fine lining is already displaying its germ-reducing effect in refrigerators, textiles and light switches. Silver particles block enzymes that facilitate bacterial metabolism. In the Dürr Dental compressor tank the antibacterial lining provides safety reassurance as ANTI BACTERIA COATIN L well as preventing...

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Durr Dental Compressors Model Duo Duo Tandem 1 Aggr. Duo Tandem 2 Aggr. Trio Noise level41 [dB(A)] Approx. 66 Approx. 68 Approx. 69 Approx. 69 Noise level in the cabinet41 [dB(A)] Approx. 55 Approx. 54 Approx. 54 Approx. 54 Model Quattro Quattro Tandem 1 Aggr. Quattro Tandem 2 Aggr. Duo Tandem Med Noise level41 [dB(A)] Approx. 70 Approx. 70 Approx. 74 Approx. 72 at 7 bar Noise level in the cabinet41 [dB(A)] Approx. 54 - 11 The discharge flow without air21 Power bandwidth results from the mains frequency 50/60 Hz 31 A pressure reducer is available as an option 41 Average values at 5 bar...

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