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DBSWIN – the digital image centre for the surgery Compressed air Suction Imaging Dental care Hygiene

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Digital X-ray diagnostics with VistaScan and VistaRay The powerful DBSWIN imaging software works with all digital X-ray systems by Dürr Dental. The VistaScan image plate scanner and the VistaRay intraoral sensors are also supported – stand-alone or on the surgery network. Improvement in workflow, supported by status recording wizards Patented image processing functions for digital X-ray diagnostics More efficient and conclusive DBSWIN enables the quick, efficient and safe use of digital ▪▪Automatic transfer of patients from patient X-ray systems when taking and storing images. The software...

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Diagnostics with VistaCam Video diagnostics and caries detection The DBSWIN video module controls all of the camera models in the VistaCam range. The VistaCam iX can take both intraoral and fluorescent images and allows DBSWIN to colour code caries activity. This means that caries can be depicted with a high level of reproducibility. DBSWIN can also access sources such as digital cameras and microscopes via a Twain interface. The software always enables the quick display of top-quality images. Images can be stored, analysed and displayed on the screen efficiently and conveniently. Diversity...

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Documentation and communication with DBSWIN From a single surgery to a clinic DBSWIN turns a diagnostic workstation into a digital image Diagnostic exchange, interdisciplinary analysis of findings centre for use in a single surgery, a shared surgery or a and joint treatment carried out by dentists, oral surgeons clinic. The constant adaptation of DBSWIN in line with shifting and dental surgeons require flexible, fast and cost-effective standards keeps users up to date, even with regard to the data transmission. DBSWIN therefore has a multitude of connection to the surgery management system....

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Dürr Dental Imaging iPad App ▪▪Calling up patient records ▪▪Freehand drawing ▪▪Displaying patient-specific X-ray ▪▪Demo database with sample images ▪▪Offline database for use without ▪▪Displaying layouts and groups active server connection in le now vailab tore! A S iTunes Guaranteed future from Dürr Dental DBSWIN has been in use in dental surgeries around the Dürr Dental continually develops DBSWIN and adapts it world for more than 10 years and is now available in in line with the growing demands of surgeries. Users receive 19 languages. The imaging software offers a high level of new...

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The system requirements at a glance ! EWing N view I ma g e A pp ia iPad v DBSWIN Processor Intel Pentium IV compatible, CPU 1.4 GHz or higher Graphics board Support for Direct Draw 9.0 or higher and Video Overlay 1024 x 768, 16.7 million colours (1280 x 1024, 16.7 million colours recommended) Hard disk memory (GB) Work station hard disk (without database) ≥ 10 Database hard disk (GB) Operating systems Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Vista 32 bit SP2 (from Home Premium), Windows 7 Home 32 bit/64 bit When using Dürr Dental VistaScan, VistaRay, VistaCam, or other hardware, different PC...

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