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Systematic digital x-ray solution. Intraoral and extraoral – from a single provider. The innovative X-ray source and image-plate scanner system COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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Dürr Dental. Digital x-ray expertise for better diagnosis. For almost five decades, dentists, clinics and X-ray departments have been using Dürr Dental's innovative products, thus benefiting from our many years' expertise and experience in x-ray systems. This also includes extensive experience in digitising panoramic images and with filters for assisting diagnosis. Our aim is to achieve the best image quality in each X-ray process. Our numerous customers worldwide appreciate our endeavours. The VistaPano is a premium 2D panoramic device based on S-Pan technology that sets new standards in...

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You are perfectly equipped for all requirements if you combine the intraoral VistaIntra X-raying device with intraoral image-plate scanners in the VistaScan range. Images are saved with the user-friendly, network-compatible DBSWIN software and are made available to every workstation. Excellent design and integral system solutions. Dürr Dental not only offers excellent products that have won awards for form and design, we also provide the relevant services to offer you an X-ray solution tailored to your needs. That is our aim in every respect with regard to ease of use, reliability and...

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Digital x-ray systems in practical test. What satisfied dentists say Dr. Trevor Morris, Australia We have used the Dürr VistaScan for our intraoral radiographs since 2005. This system provides the flexibility and comfort of traditional radiography. Processing time flows well with our treatment protocols and the quality and durability of both the image plates and equipment has minimised ongoing costs. We have been very happy with the performance. Dr. Heda Dengel, Germany VistaPano impressed me with its high image quality and speed. It delivers OPG images in just seven seconds, which clearly...

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Optimum diagnosis support. With the DBSWIN imaging software. The ergonomic, network-compatible imaging software DBSWIN automatically optimises all images, saves them and makes them available to all workstations. Diagnosis-assisting digital filters allow image contrast and sharpness to be enhanced, allowing even more detailed diagnosis. The zoom function allows the operator to show and explain early-stage apical processes to patients. DBSWIN supports DICOM environments and allows you to connect to third-party software using VistaEasy, ImageBridge and TWAIN. With the Dürr Dental Imaging App,...

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VistaPano S – an all-round perfect picture The new digital panoramic x-ray device with S-Pan technology With its quick scan mode, the new VistaPano S provides full OPG imaging in just 7 seconds at a particularly low radiation level. It delivers better image quality thanks to the modern CsI sensor technology and the error-eliminating S-Pan mode. ▪▪ S-Pan technology for easier diagnosis ▪▪ CsI sensor for enhanced image quality and reduced radiation ▪▪ Slim design, small footprint ▪▪ Exceptionally fast: panoramic images possible in 7 seconds ▪▪ 7” touch display for perfect workflow ▪▪ Easy,...

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VistaIntra – perfect in function and design X-ray source for intraoral exposures VistaIntra's modern DC technology ensures the radiation dose is repeatedly accurate, thereby ▪▪ Modern, sleek design for simple, precise positioning guaranteeing optimum image quality. It also reduces the patient dosage by more than 25% in comparison to conventional AC generators, ensuring greater safety for your patients and employees. ▪▪ Superior quality thanks to 0.4 mm focal spot and consistent radiation emission ▪▪ Suitable for all image receptors thanks to adjustable mA and kV values ▪▪ Simple operation...

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VistaScan Mini View – compact, quick and flexible Image plate scanner with touch display for intraoral formats The VistaScan Mini View enables effective digitisation of imaging plates thanks to features such as its large touch display with a convenient user interface. Its compact size and integrated WiFi functions make it uniquely versatile. Self-sufficient working without PC. ▪▪ Optimum image quality ▪▪ Effective resolution up to 22 LP/mm ▪▪ High-resolution touch display for ease of handling and optimum image preview ▪▪ ScanManager provides multi-station clinics with optimum workflow ▪▪...

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VistaScan Combi View – efficiency without compromise Image plate scanner with touch display for all formats ▪▪ Exceptional image quality thanks to effective resolution up to 22 LP/mm ▪▪ High-resolution touch display for ease of handling and optimum image preview ▪▪ ScanManager provides multi-station clinics with optimum workflow ▪▪ For all intra and extraoral formats ▪▪ Reliable thanks to internal memory ▪▪ Flexible PC connection via LAN or WiFi ▪▪ Optional Stand-alone operation The versatile VistaScan Combi View improves your workflow: up to four imaging plates can be read simultaneously...

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Market-leading image plate technology. Made in Germany. From film to plate. Quick and easy. More details. More reliable diagnosis. Dürr Dental image plate technology ensures an extremely easy changeover Compared to X-ray film and other image plate systems, our image-plate from X-ray film to a digital workflow. There‘s not really anything new to scanners make more details visible, thus providing more reliable diagnosis. learn. The thin, flexible, reusable plate offers clear advantages: it is easier The DBSWIN imaging software optimises the images and saves them to position and sits more...

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Better results. Less effort. A comparative study by the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University Wales in 2009 demonstrated that the quality of image plate shots is significantly better than images taken using sensors. What's more, x-ray images taken with sensors often need plates Image an th better !* sensors to be repeated. Source: a comparative study of image quality and radiation exposure for dental radiographs produced using a charge-coupled device and a phosphor plate system. School of Dentistry, Cardiff University, 2009 Optimum resolution. Excellent image quality. LP/mm Thanks to...

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