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With an eye for precise diagnosis Digital imaging from Dürr Dental Compressed Air Suction Imaging Dental Care Hygiene

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Camera and X-ray systems for the digital practice Dürr Dental has been shaping dental diagnostics for four decades. Digital X-ray technology using image plates and sensors allows for images with the highest possible resolution, quickly and safely. The visual re­ resentation of intraoral conditions using camera systems makes necessary p treatments comprehensible to patients and ensures better understanding. X-ray and camera systems – Made in Germany Dentists worldwide trust the know-how and high More than 40 years of experience in X-ray quality of Dürr Dental. In order to guarantee this...

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VistaCam Camera Systems Perfect for successful patient communication display the state before and after treatment. The VistaCam iX supports the treatment provider by using fluorescence technology to detect caries Intraoral camera systems from Dürr Dental early and visualise plaque. provide valuable therapeutic support for dental treatments. The visual representation of intraoral DBSWIN imaging software allows for the fast conditions makes it easy for patients to under- and easy display, processing and documentation stand the necessary treatment. Images with the VistaCam also offer a unique...

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Faster and easier – digital X-ray with VistaScan For fast and safe diagnostics VistaScan Mini Plus The conversion from X-ray to digital image plate technology is a small but worthwhile step. There is a zero learning curve with image plates because their handling and variety of formats are identical to analogue film. The dental practice benefits immensely from digital X-ray diagnostics: the image is on the screen in seconds. VistaScan Mini View

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Brochure Imaging - 5

The right solution for every requirement Whether intraoral, occlusal, panorama or ceph. Dürr Dental offers the perfect solution for every format: The VistaScan Combi View with touch display satisfies the most demanding diagnostics requirements for intraoral and extraoral images. The VistaScan Perio Plus is the high performance centre for up to 8 intraoral images in excellent quality. The VistaScan Mini View with touch display is the ideal chair-side device for intraoral images. It offers compact design, the highest image quality and easy operation. VistaScan Perio Plus VistaScan Combi View

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Excellent image quality Thanks to PCS technology, all VistaScan models can safely resolve caries D1 lesions and endo instruments down to ISO 06. With 22 LP /mm, 16-bit (65,536) greyscale. Large application range With VistaScan Mini View and VistaScan Perio Plus all intraoral image plates may be used – from size 0 to 4. All intra- and extraoral image plate formats can be scanned with the VistaScan Combi View. 100 % active surface available. Easy handling Handling with the VistaScan model is very simple: insert image plate, read out in one step, erase and reload. And in just a few seconds....

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Brochure Imaging - 7

Complete digitalisation with Dürr Dental image plates Excellent image quality, safe application With a detail recognition of 22 LP /mm (1100 dpi), VistaScan image plates have a higher image resolution than X-ray film. Caries D1 lesions and endo instruments down to ISO 06 can be easily imaged using today’s technology. The protective light covers offer optimal protection against extraneous light, are 100 % hygienically secure and have small edges and a notch on both sides for opening and inserting the image plate into the scanner or cassette. Image plate holder system Many right angle...

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Brochure Imaging - 8

VistaIntra The X-ray appliance for intraoral formats With the VistaIntra we now offer a high quality X-ray appliance for excellent intraoral images. It stands out with exemplary ergonomics and is perfectly adapted for image plates, sensors and conventional film. ▪ Modern, slim design for simple and precise positioning ▪ Easy control concept ▪ Perfectly adapted to image plates and sensors ▪ Maximum reliability and long life of the X-ray appliance ▪ Consistent radiation ▪ mA and kV values with variable adjustability ▪ DC emitter with 0.4 mm focal spot ▪ DAP (dose area product displays) after...

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DBSWIN imaging software Patented image processing functions The DBSWIN imaging software ensures the optimal display and processing of the X-ray. It enables ergonomic operations and easy documentation including database connection. A patented filter accompanies the zoom function. Digital X-ray and video diagnostics DBSWIN 5 Dental Imaging Software using DBSWIN COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION DENTAL CARE HYGIENE Dental Imaging Software DBSWIN 5 Dental Imaging Software Operating systems: Windows XP Professional, 32 bit Windows Vista Home Premium or higher, 32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium or higher, 32 &...

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Learn more: Response fax 00800/3D8U3E7R7R 111 (Toll-free fax number) Put together your package of information! VistaIntra istaScan Mini View V istaScan Perio Plus V istaScan Combi View V RWT Image plate holder system VistaCam iX – brilliant images and excellent caries diagnostics Systematic X-ray solut perfect in io function an n – The intraoral d design X-ray gene rator Vista Intra top-quality intraoral and uorescent images with macro function es, I am interested in seeing a demo about Y Mini View VistaScan st, and ecient fa ats oral form compact, een for intra touchscr ner with a e plate...

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