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Software Tyscor Pulse – Your practice supply is always in view Central monitoring via the PC COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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A surgery in tune with the times The modern dental surgery is used to working with digital systems. The periphery always under control – from diagnostic imaging to hygiene documentation and invoicing – networked software solutions always keep the surgery team up to date. But what about the status of the compressor and suction system? The compressor is the heart of the surgery. The suction keeps the circulation going. The guarantee of problem-free operation of both systems is vital for the surgery operation. That is why Dürr Dental has developed Tyscor Pulse software. Tyscor Pulse integrates...

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Tandem compressors ▪ isplay of the pressure and the humidity D ▪ utomatic information concerning A necessary filter replacement ▪ etting possibilities of the pressure range S The tandem compressors with electronic control for energy-saving operation. Systems for Suction Tyscor V/VS 2 ▪ omfortable setting of the suction power C (Eco, Balanced or Boost) ▪ perating conditions of the suction unit O are always in view ▪ aintenance intervals can be scheduled M via Tyscor Pulse Tyscor V/VS 2: The newest generation of suction units. Extremely efficient, light and network capable

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Power Tower 200/42 ▪ isplay of the pressure and the humidity D ▪ etting possibilities, e.g. compressor pressure range S and period of delayed running of the suction unit ▪ isplay of the filling level of the amalgam separator D Power Tower Silence 200/42: Compressed air supply, suction and amalgam separation units save space as they are integrated in a compact housing unit and can be monitored with Tyscor Pulse. Tyscor Pulse Amalgam separation Amalgam separator CA 4 ▪ isplay of the filling levels D ▪ yscor Pulse displays the necessary T container replacement in good time ▪ est operation can...

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All information is only a heartbeat away The Tyscor Pulse software not only monitors the supply technology it also makes your surgery safe for the future as Dürr Dental offers many innovative functions for new units, which can be used with Tyscor Pulse. Overview of the most important functions: ▪ Functional status of all connected units as an overview in the task bar of your PC ▪ Simple integration of new units in the system ▪ Units can be comfortably configured via the surgery PC ▪ Important messages are saved and are made available Live status Duo Tandem compressor to the service...

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An overview of the system requirements Tyscor Pulse Processor Intel Pentium IV compatible CPU 1.4 GHz or higher Main memory (GB) > 1 GB (2 GB recommended) Resolution 1024 x 768 16.7 million colours Acoustic signal Sound card, loudspeaker Network with DHCP ~ ~ Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows 7 Home 32 bit/64 bit, optionally also manual address assignment Windows o

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