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The new Vector Paro – the benchmark for low pain treatment Periodontal treatment, recall, prophylaxis, and periimplantitis treatment Compressed air Suction Imaging Dental care Hygiene

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Unique and patented – Vector Paro can do what others only talk about! Dürr Dental has represented progress and innovation in dentistry for decades. Many standards stem from company developments. The new Vector Paro stems from the rigorous development of a proven, low pain method of treatment that has changed decisively how periodontitis is dealt with – for the wellbeing of the patient. Safe, gentle, and protective: The Vector principle The method thus far unrivaled, and meticulously put into practice by Dürr Dental: The Vector principle – a provably gentle and mild periodontal treatment....

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Unique sensitivity of touch thanks to linear vibration deflection With Vector Paro, you can trust in your senses when adminis­ tering treatment. This is possible thanks to the unique vibration deflection system that enables the practitioner to control this highly-sensitive work with precision, because the ultrasound instruments are totally tremor-free. During the actual treat­ ment, the quality of the surface to be treated can be cont­ rolled with a great level of sensitivity of touch. This is made possible due to the linear movement of the instrument. It en­ ­ sures the very best level of...

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The Vector system – synergy of design and function The new Vector Paro – versatile and suitable for universal use The new Vector system provides the answer to all clinical issues. With practitioners from clinics and medical practices, two handpieces, the Paro and the Scaler, were developed with all the specific instruments required for each application. The Vector Paro offers a suitable solution for all ultrasound applications. The range of uses extends from removing sub­ gingival plaque to removing supragingival tartar. In addition, the system has advantages when it comes to dental implant...

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Completely system-oriented Specially tailored accessories complete the Vector system. Cost-effective A large water tank means that there is no need for a fixed water supply. Super-hygienic Closed surfaces with no gaps mean that the appliance meets the highest hygiene requirements. Very precise The Scaler handpiece has six LEDs for improved visibility.

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Periodontal treatment with the Paro handpiece Initial therapy The most important aims of the initial treatment are to thoroughly remove the biofilm, the mineralised parts of the biofilm in the form of tartar, and to smooth the surface of the root right down into the fundus. Although the mine­ ralized elements do not trigger a periodontal infection, they do provide the ideal breeding ground for the new growth of periodontal pathogens. The precisely tailored Paro instruments are made from highquality surgical steel and allow this type of treatment to be carried out in an efficient clinical...

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Front teeth Condition at the start of treatment Condition after 3 months Condition after 1 year Condition after 3 years Maintenance treatment (recall) Even following intensive cleaning of the root surface, the © Dr. Mauksch bacterial recolonization of the periodontal pockets can occur within a few days. For this reason, regular maintenance treat­ ment or even supportive periodontal treatment must take place regularly following initial therapy in order to prevent the rein­ fection of the pockets. The intervals between recall sessions must be determined individually for each patient. The...

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Periimplantitis treatment with the Paro handpiece In order to keep dental implants and peri-implant soft tissue healthy, the regular and systematic removal of bacterial de­ ­ posits and bio-film is absolutely vital – just like for prophy­ laxis treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis. Implants are surrounded by bacterial plaque. This results in inflammatory changes in the soft tissue which – in the worst case scenario – can cause the loss of the implant. Vector instruments are designed especially for this type of treatment. They permit the reliable and thorough cleaning of Vector Paro...

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Professional tooth cleaning with the Scaler handpiece Diverse applications The new Scaler handpiece by Dürr Dental enables the highest level of professional tooth cleaning. New to the programme: delicate instruments for supra and subgingival use. The piezoceramic drive enables the efficient removal of dental plaque whilst protecting sensitive tissue structures to the gre­ atest extent possible. The Scaler handpiece can be partially taken apart, making it especially easy to clean and disinfect. A technological highlight In addition to the modern, timeless design of the device, and the new...

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Vector accessories Ergonomically shaped handpieces You will be impressed by both the Paro and the Scaler hand­ piece as they are both very user-friendly. They are connec­ ted to the base station by means of a lightweight, flexible hose. The handpieces and the instruments can be autocla­ ved at 134 °C and can be stored in a sterilisation box spe­ cially designed for them that complies with current hygiene requirements. Vector accessories Vector Fluid polish: Polishing fluid with increased abrasive capacity based on hydroxylapatite with a fresh mint aroma (Vector Paro system only) Tool kits –...

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8 out of 10 people suffer from periodontitis! And we have a gentle treatment method Vector/RinsEndo Disinfectant and Vector cleaner for the hose system Sterilisation and storage boxes Last name The staff at your dental surgery will be happy to help! P ▪   eriodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums A ▪   lmost 80 % of adults suffer from periodontitis P ▪   eriodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults aged 45 and over ▪   Our team will be glad to inform you about our gentle treatment for periodontitis The staff at your dental surgery will be happy to help! First name...

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