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Dürr Dental separation systems and amalgam separators Top-quality systems for dental suction units Compressed air Suction Imaging Dental care Hygiene

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Dürr Dental – Innovation with attention to detail The name Dürr Dental stands for future-oriented and trendsetting solutions for dentistry, with the experience of more than 70 years. Numerous standards are based on Dürr Dental developments – and the company is still setting standards today. Dürr Dental markets top-quality products and offers a great for dentistry. Compressed air systems by Dürr Dental are service to meet everyone‘s needs. It supplies tailored system market leaders thanks to their power and air quality. Dentists solutions for the fields of compressed air, suction, imaging,...

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Page 06 CA 1 Amalgam separation The CS 1 separator is integrated into the treatment unit and The external solution for amalgam separation. Ideal for provides great performance. The CAS 1 also carries out retrofitting a treatment unit with integrated separation or amalgam separation. a wet suction unit such as the VS 300 S. CA 4 Central amalgam separation Page 08 VSA Suction and separation Central amalgam separation. The CA 4 provides a universal All-in-one system for a single treatment room - suction unit, solution for multi-room practices. separation system, and amalgam separator in a...

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Reliable separation and amalgam separator systems guarantee high performance What is taken for granted today was a revolution in the 1960s: The opportunity to treat patients in a supine position. This was made possible because Dürr Dental developed a system of continuous suction. A suction system is constantly strained by waste water, blood, saliva, dentine, and filling materials. It therefore requires sufficient power reserves and efficient separation and amalgam separator systems in order to deliver top suction power at all times. 04

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Powerful and reliable separation Dürr Dental‘s separation systems set standards. They separate secretions and solid particles completely reliably and really quietly. So it‘s no surprise that leading manufacturers have them integrated into their Dental Units already in the production process. They can also be added to dental units later on – it‘s easy and worthwhile. No amalgam in the waste water The amalgam separator finishes the job started by the separation unit. Legislation dictates that amalgam must be separated from the waste water of the treatment unit and collected up. As a pioneer...

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Reliable separation for dry suction systems CS 1 and CAS 1: The integrated solution Compact, space-saving, and quiet The CS 1 Combi Sepamatic and the CAS 1 Combi Separator tested separation efficiency of around 98 %. Optionally, an by Dürr Dental are great complements to any treatment unit. additional rinsing system can be connected up to both app­ The appliances are impressively quiet but powerful, and are liances. This makes the entire system work in an even more able to deal with hours of treatment with high fluid volumes hygienic manner, since the constant film of water prevents the...

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Amalgam separation for wet and dry suction systems CA 1: The external solution The CA 1 Amalgam Separator with its self-cleaning centrifuge in a housing designed for the dental practice is the ideal solution for equipping a single treatment station with an amalgam separator. The device is also suitable for retrofitting single-station suction units with integrated separation, such as the Dürr Dental VS 300 S. With a proven separation efficiency of around 98 % and a robust design, it is quite similar to the CAS 1 Combi Separator. The integrated float monitor reliably detects the water level...

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Convenient for multi-room practices – central amalgam separation The CA 4: A universal solution Systematic power An attractive design, excellent performance, and convenient disposal concept make the CA 4 Amalgam Separator by Dürr Dental into a really impressive system unit. It is ideally equipped for the connection of several treatment units and shows sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology. The CA 4 works in accordance with the centrifugal principle and has hydro-dynamic self-cleaning. As soon as waste water from the treatment unit starts to accumulate, the system switches on...

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It‘s all under control – at all times In contrast to traditional sedimentation separators, the CA 4 works with an individual fill level control function. The cartridge fill level is monitored prior to the start of work and then regularly during treatment. As soon as the maximum fill level is reached, an acoustic signal is issued. This is when the cartridge needs to be changed. This what counts: This procedure reduces required efforts and therefore saves on costs. The convenient lever mechanism makes it easy to ▪ entrifugal separator with hydro-dynamic self-cleaning C remove the cartridge....

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A perfect combination: Suction and separation! 3 in 1: The combination suction unit VSA 300 S The VSA technology developed by Dürr Dental brings together a complex system comprising a suction motor, separation system, and amalgam separator in one device and on one drive shaft – the VSA 300 S. It is particularly suited to use in single-­ VSA 300 S – the first suction room practices. unit to incorporate both a separation system and an In this combination suction unit, more than 97 % of the amal- amalgam separator gam is collected in the automatically monitored collector vessel. When the fill...

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ISINFEC TI ® + MD 555 cleaner W EE KLY mance as a result of deposits and blockages. This is because most units are disinfected but not cleaned, too. As a result, G Orotol plus N Around half of all suction units suffer from reduced perfor- D ILY O DA Keep your suction unit in top form! IN CL E A N material such as blood, secretions, tooth material, filling material, and prophylaxis powder form a tough sludge. This results in blockages that can reduce performance and – in the worst case scenario – can bring the dental surgery to a standstill. The solution from Dürr Dental: Orotol® plus and MD...

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