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Shhh! The quietest and safest a cannula can be The cannula and handpiece range by Dürr Dental Compressed air Suction Imaging Dental care

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The prophylaxis cannula: Up to twice more aerosol reduction The protective shield on the cannula tip can be rotated freely. This enables the particularly effective aspiration of the jet powder. More protection for the patient and operator Further benefits: The versatile protective shield on the cannula tip enables particularly ergonomic aspiration. Even in the case of rubber dam applications, improved suction comfort is en­­ Unique throughout the globe: The Dürr Dental prophylaxis sured. In the case of conservative or prosthetic treatments cannulas. With their rotating and fixable...

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The Dürr Dental cannula range Grey Grey Against reflux: Universal Cannula Protect Auxiliary air inlets can prevent the reflux of contaminated saliva from the Up to 2x more aerosol reduction: prophylaxis cannula suction system during the cannula aspiration process. The special feature: Only from Dürr Dental: A specially developed rotating and fixable pro­ Even with the inlets, Protect cannulas are noticeably quiet. tective shield enables a high aerosol intake and particularly effective and ergonomic aspiration during prophylaxis treatment with prophy jet powder application. Yellow Pack of 5...

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Custom handpieces The Dürr Dental handpiece range Dürr Dental has the right hose adapter for practically every single manufacturer on the market. This enables the made-­ to-measure configuration of the respective suction handpieces. Users who want to work ergonomically and without getting tired should use the swivel joint. It ensures that the angle is This is what counts: always correct, reduces unnecessary leverage, and significantly improves handling. Each handpiece is available with and without a rotary slide. The slide can be used to temporarily T ▪ ailored configuration of suction...

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Premium quality for the patient and surgery team 2. 1. Protect auxiliary air inlets The best possible protection against reflux from the suction system Durable, robust, and autoclavable up to 134°C No edges Comfortable in the mouth and quiet thanks to optimized flow Convenient design Ergonomic shape Perfect shape for low-fatigue work High-grip surface for practical work Top quality from a brand manufacturer With the quietest range of cannulas on the market, Dürr Dental makes a valuable contribution to improving the working con­ ditions of the surgery team. But this is only one advantage...

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