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It is best when you can rely on a system The year 1965 saw Dürr Dental develop Orotol®, the first disinfectant for suction systems. This marked the beginning of the continuous development and refinement of our expertise in the hygiene area. Today, dentists throughout the world trust Dürr System Hygiene to ensure the comprehensive protection of their surgeries. In addition to Dürr System Hygiene products, we offer a comprehensive service package to support your practice team in their daily work. We stand by your team with our on-site consulting service. Our service department will help you...

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It is best when a single system offers a complete solution ▪▪A comprehensive spectrum of activity: ▪▪Superior combination of active agents ▪▪Short reaction times ▪▪Especially gentle and kind to skin ▪▪Convenient, standard container sizes ▪▪Quick, residue-free drying ▪▪Suitable for use on most surfaces and recom- ▪▪Cleaning according to plan ▪▪Practical application ▪▪Simple dosing bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal ▪▪Certified, reliable effect When it comes to infection protection, disinfection and cleaning, nothing should be left to chance. We have proven in test after test...

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Dürr Dental Hygiene technology – for maximum efficiency in the hygiene cycle For more than 75 years, Dürr Dental has been synonymous with trend-setting developments in medical technology – Made in Germany. With this tradition and the goal of systematically perfecting our hygiene technology assortment, today we can offer a variety of innovative technical Manual cleaning and disinfection Machine reprocessing in the washer-disinfector Function test/check and instrument care Parts for sterilisation with Hygopac View and Hygofol packaging solutions, which enable the daily hygiene and preparatory...

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Instruments Disinfection and cleaning Instruments and drills ID 212 Instrument disinfection Concentrate for cleaning and disinfecting instruments with the Devices and accessories ▪Bactericidal incl. TB, fungicidal, limited virucidal and effective against ▪ non-enveloped viruses (adeno, noro) ▪Suitable for general, surgical and rotary instruments ▪ ▪Very short reaction time in an immersion bath ▪ ▪Excellent material compatibility with instruments containing rubber and silicon ▪ ▪Ergonomic handles for safe transport ▪ ▪Tilt-resistant drip-off position for the integrated cartridge ▪ ▪Specially...

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Hygoprint Plus Automatic label printer for sterile product packaging enables direct printouts of program-specific labels. Hygoclave 90 Class B steam steriliser in accordance with EN 13060 with innovative DuraSteam technology. The key features of the Hygoclave 90 are reliability and impressively fast cycle times, combined with high energy efficiency. This is achieved by the perfect combination and trouble-free interplay of steam condenser, three-cylinder vacuum pump, heat pipe, welded valve seats and strong heating power of 2400 watts. Its unusual operating and maintenance convenience...

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Surfaces Disinfection and cleaning Surface disinfection FD 300 Surface disinfection Fully virucidal Fully virucidal and alcohol-free concentrate for disinfecting surfaces of medical devices ▪Bactericidal incl. TB, fungicidal, virucidal (tested in accordance ▪ with DVV/RKI and EN 14476) ▪Especially fast reaction time ▪ ▪Extensive coverage: up to 500 l ready-to-use solution at 0.5% ▪ ▪Good material compatibility ▪ ▪Bactericidal incl. TB, fungicidal, limited virucidal and effective against ▪ non-enveloped viruses (adeno, noro) ▪Excellent material compatibility ▪ ▪Fresh lemon scent ▪ ▪Quick...

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Surface disinfection wipes Alcohol-free disinfection wipes FD 300 top wipes Surface disinfection ▪Bactericidal incl. TB, fungicidal, virucidal ▪ (tested in accordance with EN 14476) ▪Especially fast reaction time ▪ ▪Easy to remove from the clip closure package ▪ ▪Easy-to-grip structure for quick handling ▪ Fully virucidal and alcohol-free disinfection and cleaning wipes for surfaces of medical ▪Bactericidal incl. TB, fungicidal, limited virucidal and effective against ▪ non-enveloped viruses (adeno, noro, polyoma SV 40) ▪Quick-acting disinfection effect ▪ ▪Dries without residue ▪ ▪3...

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Skin and hands Disinfection and cleaning Hand disinfection HD 410* Hand disinfection Alcoholic rub-in preparation for hygienic and surgical hand Care ▪Bactericidal incl. TB, yeasticidal, limited virucidal and effective against ▪ non-enveloped viruses (adeno, noro, polyoma SV 40, rota) ▪Extremely fast: hygienic hand disinfection in 15 seconds / surgical hand ▪ disinfection in 90 seconds ▪Pleasant to the skin, thanks to rehydrating effect ▪ ▪Protects and cares for skin, prevents inflammation ▪ ▪Prevents drying out of the skin ▪ ▪Proven ingredients maintain hand smoothness ▪ ▪Non-greasy –...

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Special areas Disinfection and cleaning Suction system and spittoon Orotol® plus Disinfection of suction systems Foam-free liquid concentrate for simultaneous cleaning, disinfection, deodorisation and care of all suction systems and amalgam separators ▪Bactericidal incl. TB, fungicidal, limited virucidal and effective against ▪ non-enveloped viruses (adeno, noro) ▪Dissolves bio-film and prevents formation of sludge through blood and proteins ▪ ▪The solution for contaminated suction systems – provides reliable protection ▪ against infection ▪Certified material compatibility – recommended by...

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P007-674-02/App-dd.de/1/01/J02 Subject to technical changes 1Use biocides with caution. Always read the label and product information before use. 2Moisturizing 3RKI-listed 4normal pH value of skin 5High load 6Low load 7Incl. TB bacteria 8For TB bacteria 4%/ 30 min. 9For TB bacteria 2%/30 min. 10For TB bacteria 60 min. 11For TB bacteria 2 min.. 12For TB bacteria 30 sec. 13Hygienic hand disinfection/surgical hand disinfection 14In the Hygojet 15Tested in accordance with DVV/RKI 16Tested in accordance with EN 14476 DURR DENTAL SE Hopfigheimer Str. 17 74321 Bie

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