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Welcome to the world of Dürr Dental Compressed air Suction Imaging Dental care Hygiene

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Developments that set the standards For decades, the name Dürr Dental has stood for advancement and innovation in dental medicine. Many standards come from developments made by our company: The oil-free dental compressed air and the hygienic spray mist suction to name just two. Top quality for any requirement Dentists these days trust the engineering and exceptional quality of Dürr Dental. The leaders in innovation offer numerous system solutions in sectors such as: compressed air, suction, imaging, dental care and hygiene. Dürr Dental sets the standards with their developments and has the...

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Content Compressors 04 Suction systems 06 Implant technology 08 Power Tower Silence 10 Clinic solutions 11 Intraoral camera systems VistaCam 12 Fluorescence camera VistaProof 13 Image plate scanners VistaScan 14 X-ray sensors VistaRay 16 X-ray film development 17 Periodontitis Vector 18 Endodontics RinsEndo 20 Hygiene 22 1995 2002 2009 First intraoral camera system Imate plate scanner VistaScan for Digital image plate scanner VistaCam digital reading of X-ray images VistaScan Mini Plus for Chairside application 1986 1999 2007 Dürr hygiene system for dis- Vector for therapy and pro-...

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Dürr Dental compressors – and the air is clean The No. 1 in dental compressed air Systems by Dürr Dental have been prominent in surgeries and clinics around the world for over half a century. The reliability and quality of air – oil-free, dry, hygienic – puts them in a lea­ ding position in the market. Just the appearance emphasises the exceptional quality. The technical design of our compressors has set the standard for generations. Dental compressed air for the highest requirements Dental compressed air must be hygienic. The moisture content must therefore be reduced to a minimum and any...

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Reliability for every surgery Thanks to a modern motor concept, Dürr Dental compressors provide outstanding, precision and smooth running performance in continuous operation. Reliability and longevity make them the first choice for the surgery. Dürr Dental provides the right model for every size and performance requirement. Here, the tandem principle makes it possible to upgrade if growth in performance requirements occurs. This is what counts: ▪ erfect quality of the compressed air: oil-free, P dry, hygienic ▪ embrane drying unit for constant performance M and no regeneration times ▪ odern...

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Perfection in Suction – for all requirements Dry system This is what counts: ▪ High-quality, robust drive motors ▪ Reliability in continuous operation ▪ Safe Aerosol suction at 300 l/min ▪ High power suction within seconds ▪ oaster wheels of coated aluminium or C corrosion-resistant plastic ▪ Flexible installation possibilities V 300 S 06 V 600

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Ergonomic treatment on prone patients Dry or wet – Suction systems for any requirement Today it is nothing out of the ordinary, but in the sixties it was a small revolution: treatment on reclined patients. The so-called "dry" V-suction systems by Dürr Dental route the Dürr Dental was the first to develop the continuous suction sucked up substances over a short distance into a separator making it possible to treat patients ergonomically, uninter­ or amalgam separation unit. These components are integrated rupted and protected against infection. Because a suction into the treatment unit. No...

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Solutions for implant technology and MKG surgical treatment Suction with absolutely precision power Those who want to specialise have to be properly equipped – especially in implant technology and MKG surgical treatment. Surgical treatment therefore includes special requirements in suction: Unlike conventional spray mist suction, exact quan­ tities of blood, tissue- and bone-pieces must be removed. This requires a high vacuum with low suction volumes. The surgical suction unit VC 45 provides vacuum of up to 910 mbar with a suction volume of maximum 45 l/min. The stepless control enables...

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Compressed air of the highest quality Implant technology requires hygienic, oil-free and dry compressed air of the highest quality. The compressor Duo Tandem Med meets these requirements: Its innovative membrane drying unit makes it possible to create compressed air at a pressure dew point of -27 °C at 7 bar. The integrated sterile filter holds back all fungus, bacteria and viruses with a micron-rating of 0.01 µm. The antibacterial inner tank coating is another milestone for more hygiene Duo Tandem Med generates compressed air in medicinal quality Surgical suction unit VC 45 for precision...

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Power Tower Silence – Compressed air and suction in one At the top the compressed air, at the bottom the suction The Power Tower Silence combines compressed air and suction in a single housing. The compact, quiet supply unit can be installed flexibly in the surgery on a floor space of only 0.3 - 0.4 m². Metal construction and housing meets high aesthetic demands and can be integrated with all interior design styles. The compressor is located on the top, the single workstation suction system is on the bottom consisting of the suction unit and the separation system. This is what counts: ▪...

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Clinic solutions – complete service for large projects From the large surgery to clinics Individual configuration and complete service Dürr Dental is one of the leading manufacturers of dental compressed air and suction systems for clinics. The scope of Large dental practices, clinics and dental laboratories require projects reaches from the large practice to clinics with several high power and reliable reserves. Dürr Dental works with hundred treatment and phantom workstations. For the Juan- their customers to make concepts for solutions that are cut Carlos University Clinic in Madrid,...

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VistaCam – Camera systems for successful patient communication Valuable therapy support with intraoral recording Intraoral camera systems by Dürr Dental carry out valuable support in dental treatments. The visual display of intraoral conditions make the necessary therapy easier to understand for the patient. Recordings with VistaCam ensure the unique possibility of displaying the condition before and after a treatment – and therefore to provide visual documentation of the success. Dürr Dental has a suitable camera for every requirement and general condition: The video solution for diagnosis...

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