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The heart of your practice – Dürr Dental compressors Powerful, reliable and too nice for the basement st Highe l ona functi ty ili reliab COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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Dürr Dental – the spirit of innovation with a passion for detail Dürr Dental has stood for progressive and trend-setting solutions in dental medicine for over 70 years. Numerous standards can be traced back to developments from Dürr Dental – with new benchmarks being set even today. With an array of compatible system solutions for compressed air, suction, imaging, dental care and hygiene, Dürr Dental offers high-quality products and excellent service for every need. In 1964 Dürr Dental used a suction system to treat European patients in a reclined position. One year later, the company...

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Quality creates trust – leading-edge technology for the heart of the practice Compressed air for the highest demands in dentistry Dental compressed air must be hygienic. For this reason, the moisture content must be held to a minimum, and Oil-lubricated compressor without dry-air unit Oil-free duo compressor with membrane drying unit contamination due to oil or solid particles must be eliminated. otherwise the longevity of treatments and the functionality of delicate instruments could be jeopardized. The hygienic and aseptic expectations of patients must also be met. The membrane-drying...

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Engineering ingenuity with passion. For maximum operational safety Hidden performance A good compressor works in the background, while dental staff concentrate on treatment. It supplies air/water jets, turbines, powder-jet devices, milling machines and all other pneumatic devices. To keep surgeries running reliably and smoothly, compressors must never be short of air. Top quality is our standard In order to ensure maximum quality standards, we manufacture almost exclusively in Germany. All products of our ISOcertified enterprise are subject to strict production standards and 100% quality...

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The right measure of compressed air for every surgery Compressor selection for 2 to 20 operators The classic compact compressor with 2-cylinder The high-performance compressor with V unit and a 20-litre tank for 2 operators. 3 cylinders and a 50-litre tank delivers with a 50-litre tank for up to 4 operators. sufficient reserves for up to 3 operators.

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Performance-based decision Above all, the selection of a compressor depends on the power reserves required and thus on the size of your surgery, the number of operators and other users of compressed air such as cleaning devices. Dürr Dental offers models for all performance needs, from compact compressors for small surgeries to high-performance compressors for clinics. The array of products includes upgradable models to accommodate for growing surgeries and the commensurate demand for compressed air. Dürr Dental and specialist retailers will advise you on the right compressed air solution...

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Clever ideas for your surgery – the Tandem concept and network connection A solution with options for more Dürr Dental compressors in the Tandem version provide particularly high operational and future security. The possibility for modular upgrades makes it a flexible solution with the option for more. The basic version Duo Tandem provides 2 operators with a reliable compressed air supply using a single unit. The dimensions of the compressor tank enables it to incorporate two units. Should you wish to expand your surgery, adding a unit will double the capacity reserve to 4 operators. An...

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Go digital – with the VistaSoft Monitor software Modern dental surgeries are used to working with digital systems. Peripheral devices are always under control: from diagnostic imaging to hygiene documentation and invoicing, networked software solutions keep surgery staff constantly up to date. But what about the status of the compressor and suction unit? The compressor is the heart of the surgery. Suction keeps the cycle in motion. Ensuring smooth operation of both systems is vital to daily operation of the surgery. Dürr Dental has developed VistaSoft Monitor software for this reason....

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The membrane drying unit – patented technology from Dürr Dental Constant full-power availability thanks to the membrane drying unit Equipped with the innovative membrane drying unit from Since the membrane-drying unit prevents the development Dürr Dental, the compressor provides two unrivalled benefits: of moist environments, micro-organisms lose their breeding ▪▪Continuous performance under dry conditions, even during ground. Dry air protects your instruments, preserves their continuous operation. value and helps ensure hygienic treatment conditions. ▪▪The membrane drying unit generates a...

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The air-intake, sinter and fine filters for the membrane drying unit and Fine filter For the optimum air quality, full power and the maintaining the value of your compressor Small component. Big impact. Change the filter once a year! and must be done so only once a year – for full power, efficiency and Cement dust Bacteria Sterile filter from the membrane drying unit. These filters are very easy to change Road dust Coal dust compressor units ensure steady performance from your compressor. The optional sterile filter rules out additional microbial contamination Pollen Fungal spores...

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Flow rate at 5 bar 1) (l/min) 115/130 Noise level 3) [dB(A)] approx. 68 Noise level in cabinet 3) [dB(A)] approx. 55 Model Quattro Quattro Tandem 1 unit Quattro Tandem 2 units Quattro P 20 Noise level 3) [dB(A)] approx. 70 approx. 70 approx. 74 approx. 78 Noise level in cabinet 3) [dB(A)] approx. 54 - - - Pressure reducer Sterile filter Fine filter Sintered filter Air intake filter Noise-reducing cabinets are also optionally available. P007-158-02/ Subject to technical changes DURR DENTAL SE Hopfigheimer Str. 17 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany

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