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Dürr Dental Hygiene Technology – Systematic cleaning and disinfection The Dürr Dental Hygiene System with added efficiency Compressed air Suction Imaging Dental care Hygiene ▪ I NSTRUMENTS ▪ Surfaces ▪ Skin + Hands ▪ SPECIAL AREAS

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Integrated, systematic hygiene solution – Added efficiency in all areas 4 colours, 4 areas

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Dürr Dental Hygiene Technology – Greater efficiency, greater reassurance For more than 70 years, Dürr Dental has been synonymous with trend-setting developments in medical technology, many of which are standard applications today. With our innovative system solutions, we are constantly helping to make daily work easier, more efficient and more cost-effective in many surgeries. We strive to provide an unbeatable hygiene system consisting of technical solutions combined with our cleaning agents and disinfectants.

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You can use everything in the system as required – individual elements or the entire range. These economical, potent products are impressive and effective thanks to exact dosage and their speed of use, saving you both time and money. Optimal quality and service provide you with reliability and a feeling of assurance as you go about your daily work. The best you can get – promised!

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Hygosonic – Ultra-fast with ultrasound Efficient instrument cleaning with ultrasound Its strength lies in its speed. The Hygosonic saves time thanks to the impressive rapid cleaning during the preparation process. Instruments are also effectively disinfected in combination with ID products. 50 % faster than in a disinfectant box! Overview of Hygosonic ▪▪ State-of-the-art ultrasonic technology for optimal cleaning results ▪▪ Thorough, gentle, effective cleaning ▪▪ Conserves value of instruments Technical Data Voltage: 220 – 240 V Mains Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz Ultrasonic frequency: 37 kHz ▪▪...

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Hygopac Plus – The new standard for packaging processes New: Validation made easy! Verifiable sealing device as per DIN EN ISO 11607-2

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Discover the latest market innovation in sterilised packaging. Discover Hygopac Plus. The added advantage of being efficient, compact and functional in design. Optimal work flow concept consisting of Hygofol Station and instrument table. Instrument table Technical Data Voltage: 230 V Hygofol Station for placing on a worktop Hygofol Station, wall-mounted Enjoy a new level of validation. The new Hygopac Plus with unique validation concept – easier than ever! Mains Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz Electrical power: 550 W Heating power: 2 × 250 W Warm-up time: approx. 3 min Seal temperature adjustable up...

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Hygofol – Wraps with speed and efficiency Sterile packaging pouch 7.5 × 30 cm, 500 units 10 × 30 cm, 500 units 15 × 30 cm, 500 units Sterile packaging roll 5 cm × 100 m 7.5 cm × 100 m 10 cm × 100 m 15 cm × 100 m 25 cm × 100 m Pack it with Hygofol: Save time with fast, standard-compliant packaging and reduce costs with roll products – now with practical ruler for optimal cutting to length. Rolls are stored away in the optional Hygofol Station, thus saving space, and are ready for use directly from the station as required. Overview of Hygofol ▪▪ Rolls and pouches in various sizes ▪▪ Easy...

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Sealed seam tests – You have never been so sure about quality Hygoseal – Daily sealed seam testing. The ready-to-use sealed seam test Hygoseal allows you to verify quality at a glance on a daily basis. Overview of Hygoseal ▪▪ Easy handling work processes ▪▪ Test carried out quickly with instant results ▪▪ Integrated indicator ▪▪ Evaluation as per DIN ISO 11607-2 ▪▪ Saves time ▪▪ Test result documentation with quality-related certification Our service – The yearly sealed seam testing. Technical standard DIN EN ISO 11607 requires proof that a suitable packaging system and the right packaging...

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Hygowipe Plus – The first contact with a contact free device Leave disinfecting to us. Dispensing of disinfectant wipes and dry wipes is sensor-activated. Disinfect your surfaces with 25 % less disinfectant thus reducing costs. Hygowipe Plus can be used as a dry wipe or disinfectant wipe dispenser as needed. The wipe length and wetting level can be adjusted as required. Overview of Hygowipe Plus ▪▪ Hands-free operation ▪▪ Towel and disinfectant wipe dispensers ▪▪ Space-saving - wall mount or base stand (optional) ▪▪ Use of environmentally friendly cellulose ▪▪ Exact dosage and distribution...

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Hygocare Plus – Flexible dosage Hands-free dispenser for hand washing and disinfecting lotion. Dispenses exactly the right amount in the right place, thus ensuring economical use of product. Overview of Hygocare Plus ▪▪ Hands-free dispenser system ▪▪ Dispenses accurately in the palm of hands ▪▪ Stop function with individual dosage as required ▪▪ No accidental triggering thanks to defined sensor cone ▪▪ Hygienic single-use system ▪▪ HD products for system hygiene are gentle on skin Technical Data Battery version Voltage: 4.5 V DC Battery type: LR14/1.5 (3) Battery life: about 6 months...

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Hygojet – The right dosage makes impression disinfection easy No more, no less. Hygojet dispenses disinfectant in a closed system – You can thus work extremely efficiently and reduce costs.

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Technical Data Consumption of disinfectant solution 10 ml/impression Water flow pressure: 2.5 bar Overview of Hygojet ▪ Closed system sealable disinfection unit to prevent cross-infections A ▪ utomatic, precise dosage of MD 520 Impression Disinfection from System Hygiene of Dürr Dental Water consumption: 2.0 l/min I ▪ mmediately ready for use once compressed air, water and wastewater outlet are connected M ▪ icrobiologically effective, dimensional stability and compatibility with plaster for all standard impression materials, such as alginates, silicones, polyether rubber, hypercolloids &...

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