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Hygoclave 90 - 1

The first in a new era. Hygoclave 90 with DuraSteam technology Enhance your practice in terms of reliability, cost-effectiveness and safety COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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Hygoclave 90 - 2

For more than 75 years, Durr Dental has been synonymous with trend-setting developments in medical technology; innovation that has beeen pioneered in Germany. With the aspiration to continually perfect hygiene technology products, we have developed a small steam steriliser as a logical next step in the evolution of technology. With the help of the Manual disinfection Machine reprocessing Function test/check and cleaning in the washer-disinfector and instrument care Parts for sterilisation with Hygopac Plus and Hygofol packaging

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Hygoclave 90 - 3

newly developed DuraSteam technology, the Hygoclave 90 will become the pacesetter in your hygiene cycle. During its development it was imperative to ensure high durability and maximum reliability, whilst maintaining the value of the instruments enclosed. Smooth day-to-day operation is a prerequisite for a perfectly synchronised hygiene system. Steam sterilisation in the Hygoclave 90

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Hygoclave 90 - 4

A new era of sterilisation. DuraSteam technology. DuraSteam technology is synonymous with the use of high-quality materials, cleverly designed components and processing quality – all made in Germany. Its key features are reliability and impressively fast cycle times, combined with high energy efficiency. This is achieved by the perfect combination and precise interaction of a steam condenser, three-cylinder vacuum pump, heat pipe, welded valve seats and 2400 watt strong heating power. Steam condenser and three-cylinder vacuum pump The combination of a steam condenser and three-cylinder...

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Hygoclave 90 - 5

The great stainless steel premiere. The first time for small steam sterilisers. Directly adapted from large steam steriliser technology. The use of V4A stainless steel enables mono-material construction and thus a welded valve body which, in turn, are a prerequisite to consistently reduce leakage points. Specifically, that means two crucial screw connections less per valve. Stainless steel. The solution to ion carryover. The combination of different raw materials, e.g. stainless steel with brass or aluminium can cause a chemical reaction that adversely affects the sterilisation process,...

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Hygoclave 90 - 6

The Hygoclave 90 ensures momentum throughout your practice operations. Outstanding strengths are required in all areas for sterilisation equipment to really make a difference in demanding day-to-day practice. That includes sterilisation safety, a high level of convenience, exceptional operational efficiency and high reliability. The new Hygoclave 90 combines all these aspects, just as you would expect from the first of a new era. Safety Excellent drying without overheating ■ No negative impact on the parts for sterilisation ■ No damage to the parts for sterilisation when touching the...

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Hygoclave 90 - 7

Convenience No need for switching on manually ■ Heating phase control down to-the-minute ■ Plannable for the entire week Intuitive operation ■ Intuitive colour touch screen with a context-related help function Network capable ■ Informative logs can be printed without a computer ■ Generate and save PDF logs on a network drive without additional software ■ Tyscor Pulse software enables graphic progress monitoring of the process and further log processing Cost-effective Fast cycle times ■ For example, the universal programme, 4.5 kg solid loading double packaging requires 34 minutes, incl. 16...

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Hygoclave 90 - 8

The Hygoclave 90. New ease of operation for more convenience in day-to-day practice. The Hygoclave 90 not only sets new standards of reliability but also with regard to ease of use. For example, it has a down to-the-minute calendar function, continuous progress monitoring of the process with the Tyscor Pulse software and an optimum sterilisation result, thus ensuring time is always on your side. Process-orientated menu guidance with a context-related help function and convenient documentation options offer new ease in instrument reprocessing.

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Hygoclave 90 - 9

Calendar function Heating phase control down to-the-minute, plannable for the entire week. On 100% standby, the Hygoclave 90 is always ready when you need it. Log printer Informative logs can be printed without a computer: a PostScript enabled printer in the network is sufficient. Monitoring via network Monitoring of the Hygoclave 90 via the network with Tyscor Pulse. The individual process steps are graphically displayed. Large-format colour touch screen Intuitive colour touch screen with a context-related help function. Documentation safety Automatic storage of all data from completed...

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Hygoclave 90 - 10

The Hygoclave 90: impressive solo performance. With accessories: exceptional team qualities in the system. The individual is only as strong as his/her team. And the Hygoclave 90 is unbeatable. This is due to the support from the perfectly coordinated Dürr Dental System, consisting of clever and proven hygiene accessory solutions such as Hygopac Plus, Hygosonic or Hygofol, valuable team training courses and, of course, the Dürr Dental Service, which provides a quick answer to all technical questions. Carrier The carrier can be loaded with up to 6 trays or, rotated by 90°, 3 standard tray...

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Hygoclave 90 - 11

Proven treatment system With Hygopac Plus (validated rotary sealing device according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2), Hygosonic (efficient instrument ultrasonic cleaning) and Hygofol (rolled and bagged goods in different sizes). Practical training courses Worldwide more than 10,000 training courses at dental practices and for the specialist retailers. Experienced tutors and practical training ensure maximum benefit for day-to-day practice. Service After purchasing a Dürr Dental product, that is when our service really starts. A large team of competent professionals are available to help you quickly...

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Hygoclave 90 - 12

Process parameters/operat- Drying ing time Load Test Type For 6 kg of instruments or 2 kg of textiles, Helix test B in single and multiple packaging. For 10 kg with container loading.** 10.5 min For instruments up to 1.5 kg single Helix test B 16 min For 6 kg of instruments or 2 kg of textiles, Helix test B in single and multiple packaging, especially for thermolabile sterilisation items. 16 m i n For 6 kg of instruments or 2 kg of textiles, Helix test B in single and multiple packaging, especially in cases of suspected infection with prions. For 10 kg...

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