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Laboratory - 1

Laboratory hygiene from Dürr Dental – reliable and cost-effective Disinfection, cleaning and care in the lab Compressed air Suction Imaging Dental care Hygiene

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Laboratory - 2

Disinfection of impressions at the push of a button – with the Hygojet disinfection lock Impressions and dental work pieces stemming from the oral cavity of the patient are always contaminated with saliva, frequently also with blood and secretions. In order to prevent infections, the Hygojet from Dürr Dental ensures absolute impression hygiene. The Hygojet is a closed centre system that serves as a dis- infection lock. All technical and chemical components are matched to one another to ensure reliable disinfection and The disinfection and cleaning of impressions must not impair cleaning....

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Laboratory - 3

Following disinfection in the Dürr Hygojet, models can be stored without problems MD 520 Impression disinfection The impression disinfectant MD 520 lives up to the difficult requirements regarding disinfection and cleaning. The proven preparation is a highly effective usable solution free of formaldehyde for the simultaneous disinfection and cleaning of all commercial impression materials. Independent studies and own analyses have shown: ▪C omprehensive effectiveness against bacteria, incl. Tb, fungi and viruses (enveloped viruses, non-enveloped Adeno viruses, HBV, HCV and HIV) ▪ MD 520 has...

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Laboratory - 4

The right size for every laboratory – systematic impression disinfection Two alternatives, one solution There are two alternative application methods for impression disinfection: First, automated disinfection with the Hygojet, and second the immersion method using the Dürr Dental disinfection container or the Dürr Dental Hygobox. Convenience and economic efficiency are factors in favour of the Hygojet. Immersion disinfection, on the other hand has its advantages in quick and individual application without initial investment and installation. It may be the right choice in case of a regular...

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Laboratory - 5

MD 520 with the immersion method Depending on the requirement and the work to be carried out, two disinfectant containers are available: The Dürr Dental disinfection container and the Hygobox. With a residence time of only 5 minutes, impressions and dental work pieces can be disinfected and cleaned safely using the immersion method. The holding time of MD 520 is 1 week with a maximum of 20 impressions in the disinfection container or 50 impressions in the Hygobox. MD 520 in the Hygojet For laboratories and surgeries with larger impression volumes, the advantages of the Hygojet predominate:...

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Laboratory - 6

Special cleaning agent for stubborn dirt Powerful special cleaning agents for prostheses, instruments and tools. Precision, material compatibility and swiftness are decisive in a lab. Dürr Dental special cleaning agents meet the highest demands with perfect application benefits. MD 530 prostheses cleaner and cement remover MD 530 is a special acidic cleaner, which can remove acidsoluble soiling. The cleaning effect is impressive thanks to the thorough treatment given to prostheses and instruments by the ready-to-use solution. A factor that facilitates the daily cleaning routine...

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Laboratory - 7

MD 535 plaster remover MD 535 is a special cleaner with exceptional cleaning power for removing plaster and alginate. The highly effective solution is used for impression spoons, spatulas, plaster knifes, mixing cups (including those from vacuum mixing units), prosthetic materials, orthodontic regulating devices and many more. MD 535 cleans without residues, and its effect can even be accelerated by using an ultrasonic bath or by heating to up to 50°C. This is what counts: ▪ utstanding cleaning power thanks to materialO compatible cleaning components with activity indicator ▪ eady-to-use...

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Laboratory - 8

'In accordance with VAH/DGHM: German associations of scientific experts that dedicate themselves to the overall promotion and medical research in the area of infectiology and microbiology, 2tested with Candida albicans, According to RKI recommendation (Bundesgesundheitsbl. 47, 62-66, 2004), 4incl. Tb bacteria, 5in the Durr Hygojet Technical Data Disinfectant chamber dimensions (H x W x D cm) Disinfectant solution consumption 10 ml per impression visual control with the yellow indicator "Chem Control" Water flow pressure (bar) Water consumption (l/min) Water supply connection Connections for...

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