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Power Tower Silence – There is strength in quietness

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Power Tower Silence – There is strength in quietness COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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Power Tower Silence – Performance made-to-measure Power Tower Silence combines compressed air and suction in a single housing. The compact, quiet supply unit can be installed flexibly in the surgery on a floor space of only 0.3 - 0.4 m2. That saves valuable space compared with the installation of single appliances – a big advantage with present-day rental costs. Metal con‑ struction and housing meets high aesthetic demands and can be inegrated with all interior design styles. At the top the compressed air, at the bottom the suction Located at the top is the "heart" of every surgery: The...

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Compressed air and suction combined in one power centre The Power Tower Silence PTS 120 and PTS 200 can be tailored exactly to the needs of the surgery, with one or two compressor generators. Retrofitting presents no problems. The Power Tower Silence: Performance made-to-measure In a Power Tower Silence, compressor generator, compressed air tank, suction unit, membrane-drying unit and, depending on the individual demands, the surgery amalgam separator are combined thermally and physically perfectly into a complete unit. High-tech in a minimum of space The Power Tower Silence PTS 120 and PTS...

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Hygienically perfect compressed air Dürr Dental compressors are equipped with a membrane dry‑ ing system that reduces the moisture content of the compressed air to a pressure dew point below +5°C. This protects not only your compressed air-powered instruments against corrosion and damage due to rust particles, but also the tank contents against the growth of germs – and ensures hygienically perfect compressed air for use in the patient's mouth. Low on maintenance and service-friendly The compressors are oil-free and hence low on maintenance. The filters in the compressor have to be changed...

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You have the choice: Power Tower Silence wet or dry Wet VS suction systems Our wet suction system has a unique concept: The drive of The following principle applies with the dry suction system: the suction unit and automatic separator are on a single Short transport paths for the removed substances, with sepa‑ shaft. "Two-in-one" simplicity. That saves on an additional ration or precipitation integrated into the treatment unit and separation unit. dry, clean air paths to the suction unit. Power Tower Silence | 05

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P007-164-02/DD-dd.de/1.25/01/F2 Subject to change without notice DURR DENTAL SE Hopfigheimer Strasse 17 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany www.duerrdental.com info@duerrdental.com DURR DENTAL THE BEST, BY DESIGN

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