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Tornado - 1

Tornado Compressors by Durr Dental unbelievably powerful, super silent Dental compressed air to meet the highest requirements DENTAL CARE reddot design award

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Tornado - 2

Power and air quality – for more than half a century For more than 50 years, Dürr Dental compressed air systems have been shaping dental surgeries and hospitals around the world. Thanks to their great performance values and air quality – oil-free, dry, and hygienic – Dürr Dental products enjoy a leading market position. For over half a century, Dürr Dental has been supplying state- In 1965 Dürr Dental developed the first completely oil-free of-the-art compressed air systems. Their great optics reflect compressor for use in dentistry. This innovation soon became the excellent quality and...

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Tornado - 3

Compressor range Page 05 Membrane-drying unit Page 06 The Tornado compressor range: 4x “Made in Germany“ The innovative membrane technology by Dürr Dental provides quality – for 1 or 2 operator workstations; with or without high-performance drying and constant availability. membrane-drying unit. Inner tank coating Page 07 Technical data and accessories Page 08 The inside of the tank of each Dürr Dental compressor is coated The technology and great accessories of the Tornado with a special antibacterial material that ensures the highest compressor range at a glance. possible level of safety...

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Tornado - 4

Quality you can trust – top technology for the heart of the practice Dental compressed air for the highest requirements Dental compressed air must be hygienic. The moisture content must therefore be reduced to a minimum and any contamination caused by oil or solid particles must be completely prevented. Any such contamination would have a negative effect on the durability of high-quality preparations and the function of delicate instruments. In addition, the hygiene and sterility requirements of the patient must be met. The membrane-drying unit on the compressor prevents a moist...

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Tornado - 5

Really quiet - and available This is what counts: For decades now already the Tornado compressor series has stood for high quality at a great price. For the new generation of compressors, cost-effectiveness has been increased even further and their energy consumption has been reduced by approx. 15%. So you save on costs whilst protecting the ■ Approx. 15% less energy consumption ■ Individual voltage variants ■ Technology that has proven itself over decades with membrane-drying unit with membrane-drying unit

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Tornado - 6

The membrane-drying unit – patented technology by Dürr Dental Constant full-power availability thanks to membrane-drying unit Since the membrane-drying unit prevents moistness, micro­ organisms have no breeding ground. The compressors are equipped with fine filters in order to remove even really small The Tornado is equipped with the innovative Dürr Dental particles from the air. The annual replacement of the filter membrane-drying unit and has an unbeatable advantage: is the only maintenance measure required – otherwise, the Constant power availability. Because the drying process is drying...

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Tornado - 7

Even more protection against infections thanks to nanotechnology Anti l Bacteria g oatin C inside Antibacterial inner tank coating Bacteria always pose a certain risk. In the worst case scenario, they can cause infections. The inside of the tanks of Dürr Dental compressors are therefore coated with a special antibacterial Bacterium Bacterium absorbs Ag material that is also used in domestic and industrial appliances. The fine coating is used to create a germ-reducing effect in refridgerators and textiles and on light switches and socket outlets. Silver nanoparticles block the enzymes that...

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Tornado - 8

Technical data and accessories at a glance Model Tornado 1 Tornado 2 Voltage (V) 230 (1∼) 230 (1∼) Frequency (Hz) 50–60 50–60 Cylinders 1 2 Flow rate at 5 bar1) (l/min)2) 67 125 Tank content (l) 20 20 Pressure range (bar) 6–7.8 6–7.8 Noise level4) [dB(A)] 64 68 Dimensions (H x W x D cm) without membrane-drying unit with membrane-drying unit 66 x 48 x 37 66 x 49 x 43 64 x 48 x 30 64 x 48 x 38 Weight (kg) without membrane-drying unit with membrane-drying unit 32 38 38 44 3) 1) 3) The discharge flow without dry air 2) Power bandwidth results from the mains frequency 50/60 Hz A pressure reducer...

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