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We’ve invented suction. Again. The radial Tyscor V/VS suction machine COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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The story of a new, radial development A good fifty years ago, ergonomic treatment entered a whole new stage, thanks to our dental suction systems. With a new technological approach, our next generation of suction systems have now made major advances in terms of energy efficiency. In 1964, Dürr Dental developed a suction system which enabled patients to be treated whilst lying down for the first time. Back then it was a sensation, now we take it for granted. But it’s far from the end of our quest to be, or rather to be yet again, best in class. We want to improve what’s already great and...

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Radially impressive Dental technology is following a revolutionary path Suction systems must meet extremely high requirements. Despite being permanently exposed to waste water, blood, saliva, dentine, and various filler materials, these systems must always deliver their full power. In addition to Dürr Dental’s usual quality and reliability, the newly developed suction systems of the premium Tyscor line have radial technology, are 50 % lighter and give a potential energy saving of more than 50 %. They really set standards with regard to performance and efficiency. The suction system for 3...

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Quiet A case made from noise-absorbing, foamed plastic and engineering aimed at quiet running make the Tyscor V and VS some of the quietest suction machines in their class without additional sound protection. At just 58 db(A), they’re quieter than a turbine. Lightweight The compact, modular design weighs 11 kg and has a housing unit made from noise-absorbing foamed plastic ensuring ease of use as well as quick and easy maintenance. Energy-saving The eco-friendly radial technology of the Tyscor V and Tyscor VS ensures premium performance, particularly with regard to energy consumption. The...

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Quality you can trust Groundbreaking technology, made in Bietigheim-Bissingen As a leader in innovation, Dürr Dental constantly sets new standards with its developments. We have always aspired to provide top quality and reliability. Our ISO-certified company therefore manufactures products exclusively in the economic hub of Germany. Electronics [1] The power of the Tyscor suction systems is regulated in an energy-efficient manner by means of an integrated control module. Thanks to the standard network connection and Tyscor Pulse software, you can see the operating states at all times and...

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Case [2] As is typical for Dürr Dental, our creative motto, ‘Form [4] follows Function’, has been applied to the design of the case. The half-shell housing is made from foamed plastic. It is extremely light, sound-absorbing, and has a special antibacterial coating. The embedded, modularly designed interior has no fixed screw joints, which makes it really easy to place the system into operation (you simply connect up the hoses and power plug) as well as enabling convenient maintenance and repair work if necessary. Suction unit [3] A vacuum compressor with radial technology is used for the...

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CA 2 amalgam separator – easy and convenient installation The CA 2 amalgam separator is fitted with a pressure compensation chamber at the factory. This reduces the installation efforts to a minimum. Along with the VS 600 suction machine or the new Tyscor VS 2, it provides the optimum solution for 2 dentists. Advantages: ▪▪ All required components included ▪▪ Electronic monitoring of fill level ▪▪ Large collection container for long service life ▪▪ Compact and light ▪▪ Powder-coated console ▪▪ Made in Germany Centrifugal separator with hydrodynamic self-cleaning function In contrast with...

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Keep your suction system in good shape! BEST FRIENDS Suction machine & Orotol Plus Around half of all suction systems have restricted performance due to deposits and blockages. The reason: Most systems are disinfected but not subjected to additional cleaning. The result: Substances such as blood, secretions, dental material, filler material, and prophylaxis powder form a stubborn sludge. This results in blockages (suction system “infarction”) which reduce performance and, in the worst case scenario, can bring the surgery to a standstill. oved for yo disinfecta nt u r su system ction Dürr...

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The technical data at a glance Suction machine Vacuum (mbar) at sea level Number of rooms at 60 % simultaneous Max. fluid flow rate (l/min) The Tyscor Pulse software can be used to adjust the suction power. It also enables the operating states to be easily read on the PC. P007100002L02/LOD-OS/5/01/E8 We reserve the right to make technical changes Dürr Dental AG Höpfigheimer Strasse 17 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany www.duerrdental.com info@duerr.de

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