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Accessories for optimum solutions The solution from Dürr Dental: Orotol® plus and MD 555 cleaner Without Orotol plus and MD 555 cleaner ® + Powerful wet- and dry suction units With Orotol® plus and MD 555 cleaner Orotol® plus and MD 555 cleaner work together to protect all suction unit components – including the pipe system! 1 Deposit container, sludged up Centrifuge drum has restricted performance due to build-up of sludge 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Centrifuge drum runs cleanly and without sludge Centrifuge housing – no incrustation possible 2 Deposit container, no sludge Centrifuge housing, incrusted – total failure of suction unit Against deposits, contamination, and incrustation. If used Suction Systems for dental surgeries – perfect suction power from Dürr Dental regularly, they can prevent a drop in performance and lengthen the life of the suction unit. DürrConnect – the intelligent connection system 1 Wall mounting bracket 7 Remote display for amalgam separator 2 Console for floor-mounted installation 8 Spittoon valve (already integrated into many units) 3 4 V∼ controller for VS 600, VS 900 S, 2 Dürr Dental suction units have an intelligent design. and VS 1200 S This makes them easier and more flexible to install. 4 Exhaust air bacterial filter for However, each surgery differs in some particularities. 9 24 V=/∼ place selection valve 10 Rinsing Unit II VS 300 S and VSA 300 S 5 Bacterial Filter 12 uxiliary air nozzle for VS 300 S, A Professional service technicians place their trust in DürrConnect 6 Silencer VSA 300 S, VS 600, VS 900 S, and VS 1200 S With DürrConnect, Dürr Dental has compiled a comprehensive P007-620-02/DD-dd.de/2.5/01/C9 Subject to change without notice range of accessories for the V and VS combination suction units in order to facilitate the installation of the suction units and ensure that each system performs well and without problems. The DürrConnect system set is an installation case with more than 120 connection elements (more than 160 in the special version). Hose connectors, distributors, valves, transition pieces, and numerous other elements in different variants ensure safe connections at all times. Cleaning and care, DürrConnect | 15 Dürr Dental AG Höpfigheimer Strasse 17 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany www.duerr.de info@duerr.de Suction Imaging Dental Care Hygiene 11 Flow accelerator The solution: DürrConnect. Compressed Air

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Dürr Dental – top quality with the seal of quality “Made in Germany“ The technology at a glance VS suction units VS 300 S VSA 300 S6 VS 600 VS 600 VS 900 S VS 900 S VS 1200 S V suction unit V 300 S V 600 V 600 V 900 S V 900 S V 1200 S V 2400 Voltage (V) 230 (1∼) 230 (1∼) 230 (1∼) 400 (3∼) 230 (1∼) 400 (3∼) 400 (3∼) Voltage (V) 230 (1∼) 230 (1∼) 400 (3∼) 230 (1∼) 400 (3∼) 400 (3∼) 400 (3∼) Frequency (Hz) 50 - 60 50 50 50 - 60 50 50 50 Frequency (Hz) 50 - 60 50 50 - 60 50 50 50 50 The name Dürr Dental stands for progress and innovation in dentistry. Electrical output (kW) 0.58 - 0.8¹ 0.58 1.1...

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Quality - right down to the details Page 06 Suction systems by Durr Dental really make a difference! The range of V- and VS Suction Units for the practice surgery enables up to four operators to work simultaneously. Special Solutions Page 10 Special solutions like the VSA 300 S are ideally suited for a single treatment station. Also ideal is the mobile suction unit Cleaning and care Page 14 Using both, OrotoP plus and MD 555 cleaner together will protect all suction unit components - including the pipe system! against deposits, contamination, and incrustation. Wet VS Suction Systems Page 08...

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The aspiration of germ-laden spray mist What is taken for granted today was a real sensation in the 1960s: The treatment of patients in a supine position. This only became possible once Dürr Dental developed its systematic suction method. High suction power for safe treatment The suction systems of market leader Dürr Dental deliver top performance when it comes to suction power. Thanks to their Suctions systems have to meet extremely high requirements. robust design, they have an extremely long service life while Despite ongoing exposure to waste water, blood, saliva, den- reducing...

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Finding the right suction system Whether your surgery has one or several treatment rooms, Durr Dental has the solution you need. The power of the suction systems is based on a factor of 300, which represents a suction power of 300 l/min on the large suction cannula. For example, the V 600 has the power of two operator workstations working at the same time. VS = vacuum-generating suction unit with integrated separation VSA = vacuum-generating suction unit with integrated separation V = separation in treatment unit, dry airways to suction unit Special solutions VC 45 = Surgical Suction Unit...

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Suction units by Dürr Dental – for that little bit extra The work processes and available space of each dental surgery are unique. When developing suction systems, Dürr Dental always takes this uniqueness into account. Over the course of years, this results in system solutions that leave nothing to be desired. Discover the difference! The surgery suction unit range can meet the requirements of up to six treatment rooms and – depending on the model – allows simultaneous work by up to four operators. However, when it comes to the needs of a particular surgery, the requiDN 50 red power and...

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In the case of VS Suction Units, aspiration and separation are combined centrally on one drive shaft. This is cost-effective and saves space. Corrosion protection thanks The housing components and high-precision runners are made from coated aluminium or highly corrosion-resistant plastic. Exceptionally quiet The aerodynamic turbine wheels and integrated sound suppressors ensure low-noise operation. The integrated auxiliary air valve regulates the suction power and ensures sufficient internal Integrated humidity protection In order to protect against condensated water, all dry V suction...

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