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VistaPano S and VistaPano S Ceph – an all around perfect picture The perfect combination of image quality, efficiency and design COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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Dürr Dental – experts in digital imaging VistaSystem: Extraoral and intraoral X-rays from a single source For almost five decades, dentists, clinics and X-ray centres have been using innovative products from Dürr Dental, relying on our expertise in X-ray imaging on a daily basis. You will benefit from both, our long experience with digital panoramic images and development of dental imaging software with filters for diagnosis support. VistaSystem from Dürr Dental sets standards in sharpness and clarity for extraoral and intraoral images. By combining the panoramic X-ray unit VistaPano S with...

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VistaPano S The new digital panoramic X-ray unit with S-Pan technology The VistaPano S from Dürr Dental sets a new standard in touch display. The VistaPano S owes its excellent imaging sharpness of extraoral imaging. The 2D panoramic X-ray unit performance to two innovative technologies. First the modern is also appealing because of its ease of handling and well CsI sensor technology which enables better image quality thought-out workflow which is supported by an innovative 7” and, hence, significantly better diagnosis. Second the S-Pan technology which conciders the individual patients...

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VistaPano S – truly perfect imaging High-speed scanning with low X-ray dose All functions at a glance The intuitive 7” touch display visualises all settings quick and clearly. Handling and navigation are extremely user-friendly which leads to a smooth overall X-ray operational sequence. At the beginning, you simply select the X-ray program and the patients size – this prevents handling errors and ensures an optimal workflow. Always the right image size Panorama X-ray programs With an image height of 150 mm, With a total of 17 X-ray programs, you are well equipped the VistaPano S displays an...

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S-Pan technology: Safe diagnosis due to extremely sharp images X-ray image with S-Pan Common digital X-ray units create panoramic images along Together, they result in a panoramic image which represents a preset shape which follows the jaw arch of an ‘average’ the actual anatomy of the patient. Deviations from the human in the axial plane. This shows a layer whose position ‘average dentition’ are also taken into account as well as can be considered as the unfolding of a flat sheet of paper individual inclinations of the teeth. No compromises are that is placed upright around this shape....

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VistaPano S Ceph Low X-ray dose – high efficiency Quick cephalometric X-ray images with excellent image In addition, the VistaPano S Ceph offers you all functions quality are achieved with the new VistaPano S Ceph and with the lowest possible dose. The reason for this is the extreme short scanning time of the line sensor – 4.1 senconds only – which significantly reduces the risk of motion blur. This is what counts: For young patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, the combination of low X-ray dose and short scanning time ▪▪ Very fast scan in 4.1 seconds (lat. head) presents a...

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VistaPano S Ceph – exemplary ergonomics Quick cephalometric projections with low X-ray dose Short scanning time, low X-ray dose, best image quality Thanks to the very short scanning time of only 4.1 seconds, the patient is exposed to the lowest dose possible. Due to the modern high-sensitivity CsI sensors, an excellent image quality can be achieved despite the low dose. Ceph X-ray programs Besides the 17 panoramic programs available, 5 new ones for all cephalometric X-ray recordings are now also included: ▪▪ Lateral head L ▪▪ PA head Optimum workflow The VistaPano S Ceph comes with two...

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For the safest diagnosis – Dürr Dental imaging software The intuitively operating, network capable imaging software from Dürr Dental optimises all images automatically, saves them and makes them available at all work stations. With diagnostic-supporting digital filters, the contrast and sharpness of the X-ray images can also be edited to enable more detailed diagnoses. The software supports DICOM environments as well as the VDDS media interface. Connection to a third-party software is possible via VistaEasy, VistaConnect, ImageBridge or TWAIN. Your image data is also available on the iPad...

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Figures, data and facts at a glance Voltage, current Voltage, current Focal spot Total filtration Focal spot Total filtration Image detector Image detector CsI sensor 100 µm 6 x 150.4 mm 300 fps Model Pixel size Active sensor size Frame rate Model Pixel size Active sensor size Frame rate Scan times Scan times Scan times Panorama program scan times From 2.5 to 13.5 secs. Panoramic X-ray image of adults in quick scan mode: 7 sec. Magnification factor Scan times Scanning times Ceph program From 4.1 to 12.9 secs. Lateral head radiograph in quick scan mode: 4.1 sec. Magnification factor...

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The VistaSystem from Dürr Dental Everything for safe diagnosis – from a single source VistaScan Combi P007-772-02/LOD-OS/2.5/01/F03 Technical changes reserved VistaScan Mini DÜRR DENTAL AG Höpfigheimer Straße 17 D-74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany info@d

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