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VistaPano – an all-round perfect picture The new digital panoramic radiography device with S-Pan technology COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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▪▪ S-Pan technology for easier diagnosis ▪▪ CsI sensor for better image quality and reduced radiation ▪▪ Slim design, small footprint ▪▪ Extremely fast, panoramic images in 7 sec. ▪▪ 7” touch-display for intuitive operation ▪▪ Easy face-to-face positioning, 3 positioning light lines Compared to conventional imaging, digital radiography saves valuable time at surgeries. Thanks to the modern CsI sensor technology, the VistaPano provides better image quality, significantly simplifying diagnosis. Ease of operation and well thought-out workflow, supported by an innovative 7” touch display, are...

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face-to-face positioning without mirrors and which is optionally facilitate smooth workflow while imaging. To begin, you simply operating errors and ensuring optimum workflow. supported by verbal information. plane, mid-sagittal plane and the film plane. VistaPano allows select recording programme and patient size, thereby preventing The 3 positioning light lines precisely mark Frankfurt horizontal clearly. Operation and navigation are very user-friendly and Easy and efficient patient positioning The intuitive 7“ touch screen displays all settings quickly and

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design catches eyes anywhere and does not occupy much space immediate and easy access to your image data from an iPad. With the Dürr Dental Imaging App, you also have offers lots of possibilities when placing it in your surgery. Its sleek at a size of 1 m x 1.5 m x 2.3 m. supports DICOM environments and makes it possible to connect to third-party software with VistaEasy, ImageBridge and TWAIN. The slim, sophisticated design of the new VistaPano Panorama allow the contrast and sharpness of images to be further available at all workstations. Diagnosis-assisting digital filters automatically...

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reducing radiation dose. In addition to the S-Pan technology, the display allows for setting a quick-scan function, producing your image within only 7 seconds and thereby sharply displayed, the mandibular canal is readily visible, and bone structure is clear. features, as well as the patient’s position. This means that all important diagnostic information, such as roots in the upper and lower jaw bones, are and recompiled to generate the panoramic image. Thus all sections of the image are as sharp as possible because they include individual anatomical further. It can acquire multiple layers...

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image-plate scanners in the VistaScan range will have you ready for every situation. Images are saved with the ergonomic, network-com- using innovative products from Dürr Dental, relying on our expertise in X-ray imaging on a daily basis. adapted X-ray solution. Let us know what you need – we will be glad to advise. The VistaPano is a top-level 2D panoramic device with S-Pan technology that sets new standards in image sharpness for extraoral X-rays. for form and design, we also provide the services for your individually Dürr Dental not only offers excellent products that have won awards...

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Figures, data and facts at a glance VistaPano S X-ray HV generator Voltage, electricity Tubes Focal spot Total filtration Scanning times From 2.5 to 13.5 sec. Panoramic X-rays of adults in quick scan mode: 7 sec. Maximum height Weight without pedestal Weight with pedestal Height adjustment range width x depth x height Installation 2,280 mm 90 kg 135 kg 700 mm 990 x 1130 x 2,280 mm Wall mount, pedestal optional Electrical Connection Mains voltage Frequency Rated power Scanning times Image detector Model Pixel size Active sensor surface Frame rate Magnification factor...

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