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VistaSystem - 1

VistaSystem – the full range for digital diagnostics Everything you need for exceptional image quality – from a single source: COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIEN

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VistaSystem - 2

Dürr Dental – digital competence for improved diagnostics For over 50 years dentists, clinics and X-ray centres around the world have been using innovative products from Dürr Dental and benefiting from our expertise in X-ray systems. Nowadays the VistaSystem, our complete programme for digital diagnostics, is synonymous with outstanding image quality from a single source. X-ray units, image-plate scanners and intraoral camera systems from Dürr Dental ensure the best diagnosis options thanks to unrivalled image sharpness, maximum user-friendliness and highest efficiency. In combination,...

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VistaSystem - 3

VistaSoft – the diagnostics centre for your surgery Optimum diagnosis support via intuitive workflow Modern, ergonomic design for high efficiency Easy image comparisons on the screen Network capable, with intuitive operation: VistaSoft represents an especially efficient solution for creating, displaying and processing digital images. For further assistance with your diagnostics, the contrast and sharpness of the images can also be edited using powerful diagnostic filters. The software supports exports of DICOM data and various interfaces to all standard practice management and billing...

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VistaSystem - 4

See what you want to see 3D and 2D X-ray images with exceptional image quality Ideal imaging volume, adapted to the jaw arch; easy positioning with high image quality: the new VistaVox S represents a milestone in the field of 3D X-ray systems. The unique technology of the VistaVox produces 3D images including everything you need for a reliable diagnosis, well-founded treatment decisions and convincing patient communication. The S-Pan technology of the VistaVox S generates pinpoint accurate OPG images in renowned Dürr Dental quality. All this makes the VistaVox S not only a highly efficient...

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VistaSystem - 5

Key features: ▪▪ Ideal 3D imaging volume matched to the shape of the jaw ▪▪ Excellent 2D and 3D images with just one unit ▪▪ Easy face-to-face positioning – with one positioning light for 3D imaging and three positioning lights for 2D imaging ▪▪ Reduced radiation dose thanks to the anatomically adapted volume ▪▪ Dose reduced by up to 62% in SQ mode ▪▪ Reduced dose height for image capture in children – preventing unnecessary exposure of the eyes ▪▪ Metal artefact reduction in 3D and 2D images ▪▪ 7" touchscreen for intuitive operation ▪▪ Modern, ergonomic VistaSoft image processi

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VistaSystem - 6

The VistaPano S – an all-round perfect picture Digital panoramic X-ray device with S-Pan technology Thanks to modern CsI sensor technology and the error-forgiving S-Pan technology, VistaPano S consistently delivers excellent image sharpness. Furthermore, in Quick Scan mode the device enables complete OPG imaging in just seven seconds – and this with a particularly low dose of radiation. Simple and efficient patient positioning. Also with a Ceph module The new VistaPano S Ceph provides an efficient X-ray solution for orthodontics and more. In addition to 2D panoramic images, it quickly...

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VistaSystem - 7

Key features: ▪▪ S-Pan technology for easier diagnostics ▪▪ CsI sensor for improved image quality and reduced radiation exposure ▪▪ A slim design with a small footprint ▪▪ Extremely fast: OPG images in 7 seconds ▪▪ 7" touchscreen for intuitive operation ▪▪ Easy face-to-face positioning with 3 positioning light lines ▪▪ Also available as VistaPano S Ceph

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VistaSystem - 8

VistaIntra – perfect in function and design Ergonomic X-ray source for intraoral exposures DC technology for minimised radiation dosage ▪ Modern, sleek design for simple The modern DC technology of the VistaIntra ensures highly repeatable accuracy of the radiation dose and therefore reliably high image quality. It also reduces the patient dose by more than 25% in comparison to conventional AC generators, thereby ensuring greater safety for your patients and employees. and precise positioning ▪ Hand grip for easy and ergonomic adjustment ▪ Superior quality thanks to a 0.4 mm focal spot and...

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VistaSystem - 9

Market-leading image plate technology – made in Germany Quick and easy from film to plate More details – increased diagnostic reliability With Dürr Dental image plate technology, the switch from X-ray film to a digital workflow could not be easier. In addition, the thin, flexible and reusable image plate is easier to position, more pleasant in the mouth and can be reused immediately once the image has been read. The image is displayed on the monitor in the space of just a few seconds. Dürr Dental image plate scanners make more details visible in comparison to X-ray film and other image...

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VistaSystem - 10

VistaScan Mini View and VistaScan Combi V image plate scanners from Dürr Dental VistaScan Mini View – the compact solution for high flexibility The VistaScan Mini View enables effective digitisation of image plates thanks to features such as its large touchscreen and convenient user interface. Its compact size and integrated WiFi functions make it uniquely versatile. Self-sufficient working without a PC. ScanManager offers an efficient workflow for dental practices with multiple workstations. 10

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VistaSystem - 11

VistaScan Combi View – versatility for all formats The versatile VistaScan Combi View will optimise your workflow: up to four image plates can be read simultaneously in intraoral mode. It also digitises your entire dental practice in just one single device, whether you require intraoral or extraoral images, the VistaScan Combi View always delivers optimum image quality for reliable diagnostics. Also suitable for extraoral formats. Occlusal film size and endo instruments down extraoral formats with VistaScan. Key features: ▪▪ Highest image quality thanks to an effective resolution of up to...

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VistaSystem - 12

VistaCam iX HD – the innovative camera with interchangeable heads For perfect diagnosis support in real HD image quality The outstanding HD resolution of the VistaCam iX HD sets new standards for patient communication, caries diagnosis and documentation. Thanks to its autofocus function, the camera delivers  images of the highest brilliance and sharpness. The slim head also enables easy access to the rear molars. In combination with the intelligent interchangeable head mechanism, it reliably supports the camera system in the diagnosis and early detection of caries, as well as in plaque...

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