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VistaVox S – 3D from Dürr Dental 3D and 2D X-ray images with exceptional image quality COMPRESSED AIR SUCTION IMAGING DENTAL CARE HYGIENE

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Taking diagnostics to the next level VistaVox S combines diagnostic reliability with efficiency and lower radiation doses Key features: ▪▪ Ideal 3D imaging volume matched to the shape of the jaw ▪▪ Excellent 2D and 3D images with just one unit ▪▪ Simplest face-to-face positioning – with one positioning line for 3D images and three positioning lines for 2D images ▪▪ Reduced radiation dose thanks to the anatomically adapted volume ▪▪ Dose reduced by up to 62% in SQ mode ▪▪ Reduced volume height for image acquisition in children – preventing unnecessary exposure of the eye ▪▪ Metal artifact...

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Ideal imaging volume, easy positioning, high image quality: the new VistaVox S represents a milestone in the field of 3D X-ray systems. Thanks to its unique technology, the 3D images generated with this system cover everything you need for reliable diagnosis, well-founded treatment decisions and convincing patient communication. In addition, the S-Pan technology of the VistaVox S also enables pinpoint accurate OPG image acquisitions in the best Durr Dental quality. All of these things make VistaVox S not only a highly efficient solution for dental practices, but also a safe investment. 3D...

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See what you want to see VistaVox S offers an ideal 3D volume that is adapted to the shape of the jaw At Ø 100 x 85 mm, the jaw-shaped field of view of the VistaVox S is visibly The SQ mode (Standard Quality mode) offers a further option for reducing larger than the most commonly used volume of Ø 80 x 80 mm. The advantage: the radiation dose. In this setting, the dose is reduced by 62% in comparison thanks to this changed volume shape, VistaVox S also completely covers the to HQ mode (Highest Quality mode). SQ mode can be used e.g. for implant region of the rear molars – an essential...

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In order to visualise the FoV of VistaVox S (blue) in the axial view, the conventional standard volume of Ø 80 x 80 mm (red) has also been marked for comparison purposes. The jaw-shaped volume measuring Ø 100 x 85 mm even displays the diagnostic range of a Ø 130 volume. 1,020 patients were examined in a study from Dr Johannes Krause. The study shows that a volume with a height of 85 mm and diameter of 110 mm is required for 100% coverage of the dental region. With a volume of Ø 80 x 80 mm, only around 1.4% of all patients can be covered in full. By contrast, the adapted, jaw-shaped volume...

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VistaVox S - 6

2D images with exceptional image quality VistaVox S offers not only excellent value for money, but will also help you and your surgery team to increase your flexibility. In addition to DVT images, you can also use VistaVox S to generate brilliant OPGs, which set new standards in the image sharpness of extraoral images. Thanks to this versatility, the new VistaVox S will really add value to your surgery. The unit also raises the bar in terms of efficiency. It enables the scan of a complete OPG image in a very short time of just seven seconds with an exceptionally low radiation dose. This...

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Image taken with S-Pan technology S-Pan technology: extremely sharp images for even more reliable diagnostics With S-Pan technology, the image regions that best correspond to the actual patient anatomy are automatically selected from a large number of parallel layers. These image parts are merged to form a panoramic image, which focuses on the actual anatomy of the patient. Deviations from the ‘average dentition’ are taken into account, as are individually-angled teeth. The result is an image of impressive clarity, in which you will be able to immediately and effortlessly locate all...

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VistaSoft – the diagnostics centre for your surgery Dürr Dental VistaSoft combines 3D and 2D X-ray images along with camera images and images imported from third-party hardware or from referring doctors. Network capable, with intuitive operation: VistaSoft represents a particularly efficient solution for the acquisition, display and editing of digital images. For reliable diagnostics, the contrast and sharpness of the images can also be edited with diagnostic filters to further assist the diagnosis. The software supports exports of DICOM data and various interfaces to all standard practice...

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VistaVox S - 9

With VistaSoft you can comfortably display the mandibular canal and check its correct course via the transversal layer images (TSA view). Implant planning with VistaSoft VistaVox S | 0

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Magnification factor Image detector Type Csl CMOS photodiode array Active sensor surface 135.8 x 36.4 mm Scanning times Scanning times From 2to18 secs. Panoramic programs Panoramic image 17 Image acquisition programs 4 0 100* x 70 mm 0 100* x 85 mm *Displays the diagnostic range of a 0 130 volume. Device dimensions Height Weight Height adjustment range Width x depth Installation Electrical connections Mains voltage Frequency Rated power

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VistaVox S - 11

The Dürr Dental Imaging App gives you instant, easy access to your image VistaVox S is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology at our facility in the Black Forest, Germany. This ensures the high quality and reliability of the device. VistaVox S | 

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The VistaSystem from Dürr Dental Everything for safe diagnosis – from one single source P007100059L02/ Subject to technical changes DÜRR DENTAL AG Höpfigheimer Straße 17 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany info@d

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